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Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy met with the media inside III Corps Headquarters Aug. 6 to discuss the issues that have plagued the installation in recent months.

Ages ago, while visiting my dad’s collection of books, I picked up James Clavell’s samurai epic “Shōgun.” Despite the insanely long length, I did finish the book and sustained interest in samurai-inspired stories set in feudal Japan. Sure, I’ve scoffed at many Hollywood interpretations, “47 … Read more

Ages ago, my brother and I invested much of our time into “Halo” games. Multiplayer reigned supreme — from pistol-only skirmishes in the first game, to the eventual energy sword vs hammer melee saga in later games — "Halo" remained the go-to first-person shooter of choice. Read more

In-person worship services have reopened. Our senior commanders and leadership realize the value that religion and cooperate expression has in our lives and its positive impact on resiliency and readiness. I’m asking you to practice safe social distancing. For our high-risk persons and families with small children, it is recommended that you remain at home and continue to worship with your chapel community via their Facebook Live page. Read more