Teammates, Families, and Friends, On Sunday, March 28, 2021, Fort Hood reached its 100th day without a traffic fatality! Everyone doing their part in making the right choices while operating motor vehicles, both military and civilian, made this milestone possible. Your safety and the safety of others around you should always be utmost in your mind.

Additionally, thank you to all leaders for keeping the safety of our Soldiers and families in the forefront of your minds. By executing our Motorcycle Mentorship Program, regularly inspecting licenses, insurances, and registrations, you are ensuring everyone is operating a safe and reliable automobile, motorcycle or recreational vehicle. Your leadership is making a difference!

Command Sgt. Maj. Burgoyne and I will be implementing a safety DONSA for everyone at Fort Hood on May 17, in recognition of your hard work. Continue to stay safe, look out for each other, do the right thing, and let’s hit our next safety milestone goal of 180 days. Remember, you are all important members of our team, your squad, and the Corps – America’s Hammer! Thank You and God bless you all!

People First!  Phantom Lethal!