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What is it?

Soldier and Family Readiness Groups, formerly known as Family Readiness Groups, is a unit’s commander’s program, comprised of Soldiers, civilian employees, Family members (immediate and extended), and volunteers belonging to a unit. It forms a network of mutual support and assistance and assists unit commanders in meeting military and personal deployment preparedness, which enhances Soldier and family readiness.

What are current, past efforts of the Army?

Family Readiness Groups policies and procedures were recently updated to meet the needs of the Army, commands, Soldiers, and families to ensure a ready and resilient force now and into the future. FRGs haven’t had a major update since the first Gulf War.

The Secretary of the Army recently re-shaped FRGs, as a result of feedback from the field, to ensure they were meeting the needs of today’s Army.

• Army Directive 2019-17 changes the FRG Program name to the SFRG program. The renaming links Soldier readiness to the family. The new name is inclusive of all unit personnel, including single Soldiers and their families and welcomes them into the support network.

• It directs commanders to focus on the core goals and expectations of SFRGs to act as an extension of unit command. It provides official, accurate command information, connects Soldiers and Families to the chain of command, provides a support network and connects SFRG members to on/off post community resources.

• The new policy also reduces restrictions on informal funds to allow SFRGs more fundraising flexibility, enabling enhanced opportunities for activities in support of SFRG goals.

What continued efforts are planned?

The SFRG policy update is a paradigm shift away from a focus on social activities and fundraising to communicating, connecting members, information sharing and connecting people with resources.

Commanders play a vital role in the new SFRG model, providing leadership and ensuring inclusiveness, team building and appropriate information sharing.

Why is this important to the Army?

Taking care of the Soldiers, families, and civilians is an enduring Army priority. SFRGs links Soldier readiness to the family. SFRGs provide a critical link between commander’s and their Soldiers and families. They provide official, accurate command information, connect Soldiers and families to the chain of command, provide a network of support and connect SFRG members to on/off post community resources.