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As 2019 has come to an end, we reflect on another year of success and accomplishment on all fronts and are truly honored to serve with and lead the best troopers in the United States Army. 

We also extend our gratitude to current and former troopers for their service and sacrifice and to the families that support the Black Jack Brigade, the 1st Cavalry Division and the Army every single day. It is your dedication and support that allows us to be ready, Cav. lethal and Army Strong.

What has defined the brigade’s success in 2019? Readiness, adaptability, resilience, dedication and hard work. We began the year conducting numerous training exercises to prepare us for our mission in Europe, where we are currently supporting the fifth rotation of Atlantic Resolve. The battalions completed Company Situational Training, Battalion Force on Force, Combined Arms Live Fire and Pegasus Forge IV, culminating in a successful rotation at the National Training Center. The brigade began deploying equipment and personnel to Europe in September and the last group touched down at the end of October. To date, we have deployed over 2,500 pieces of equipment and vehicles and more than 3,500 personnel to seven countries.

The battalions hit the ground sprinting and we are extremely proud of each trooper for their tremendous efforts. The ability to accomplish all that they have in such a short amount of time is nothing short of amazing. Since arriving, they have completed multiple training exercises and qualification ranges, both internally and alongside our multinational partners, participated in several community relations events and provided support and assistance to our partners and friends in multiple countries. These events and engagements enhance our readiness and lethality, increase interoperability and strengthen the alliance.

We can’t thank enough, the supporters and families who hold it down on the home front. The family is the core and they provide their trooper with peace of mind and stability so that they can focus on the task at hand. Our Family Readiness Program is the strongest it’s ever been.

2019 was a great year and we are excited for what’s to come as we look ahead to 2020. Black Jack is the most lethal brigade combat team in the Army today and we will continue to train and demonstrate our capabilities. Right now, we are in the initial phase of Combined Resolve XIII, which is our primary readiness training exercise for this rotation and we will dominate.

Additionally, we’ll continue to cultivate the relationships we’ve built with the communities of these great nations and upon completion of our mission here, we will deploy back to home station and reunite with our friends and families this summer.

The troopers will have the opportunity to take some much needed and well-deserved leave so that they can reconnect and spend quality time with their loved ones. The latter half of the year will offer additional training opportunities to sustain our lethality to answer the call wherever that might be.

To everyone within Black Jack, First Team, Phantom Corps and the Great Place families, be safe and have a fun and prosperous year!