To the Soldiers, Families and communities of the III Armored Corps,

Today, we celebrate the 244th birthday of America’s Army, the most lethal fighting force ever assembled. On this occasion, we celebrate the accomplishments of our Army while reflecting on the selfless service of those who came before us and preserved the freedoms we enjoy today.

After more than 17 years of persistent conflict, America’s hammer is writing the next chapter of our storied history with you: America’s next greatest generation.

Each day, the Soldiers of the Phantom Corps prepare for and execute operations across 54 countries on five continents. We stand ready to meet any challenge, anytime, anywhere, because of the strength of our people.

We are honored to serve on this team and proud to serve alongside each of you. And so, on this day of celebration, we ask you to turn to each other — Family, friends, neighbors, and our Soldiers — and simply say thank you.

Phantom Warriors! Phantom Strong! Happy Birthday!