Phantom Warriors,

Today, Emma and I are honored to join the Phantom Warrior Team! We are committed to providing the leadership you deserve. Your reputation as a phenomenal fighting force and America’s Hammer precedes you across the globe. Ours is a story built on a lineage of service, sacrifice and honor of 101 years.

This team has operated at a tremendous pace in the most dynamic of environments and you have thrived! I ask that you continue to execute all missions to standard – no deviation, no shortcuts. The world is more dangerous now than at any time in my military career.

My vision is simple, Phantom Warriors are part of a lethal and ready corps, capable of winning in all environments, under any conditions. By striving for excellence in lethality, adhering to our values, developing leaders and taking care of our people, Phantom Warriors will continue to fight and win against any enemy, anytime, anywhere!

We win through teamwork at all levels. Our Soldiers and civilians at installations across the corps are supported by world-class communities. We are committed to continuing the strong bonds and partnerships with our neighbors. We will remain

Phantom Strong!