Phantom Soldiers and families,

The global coronavirus pandemic caught much of the world by surprise over the last few months. Thankfully, due to the diligent leadership of the medical professionals in our Armored Corps, our units and bases are well positioned to respond to an outbreak in our ranks, should one occur. Further, being good members of our local communities, we may be called upon to support civilian healthcare infrastructure depending on how the outbreak unfolds. We must all remain postured for any contingency as the virus spreads. We will answer any call our nation asks of us.

Let me be explicitly clear: Lethality is still my No. 1 priority! Despite the pandemic, our priorities and fundamental tasks stay consistent, but I challenge every leader to think critically about how we execute in this current environment. Lethal formations require lethal Soldiers. Sick Soldiers are not lethal Soldiers. The global risk of conflict remains heightened, and we must be ready for any mission at any moment. Therefore, preservation of the force and slowing the virus’ spread in our ranks is mission critical. We can’t afford to lose entire units at once to this virus. Each of us has a responsibility to practice basics like social distancing, good hygiene and quarantine or isolation of potentially infected individuals to “flatten the curve” of an outbreak. Just like in our training for combat, the most effective units will be those that can incorporate these basics into everything they do.

I understand and appreciate everyone’s concerns during this stressful time. The implications of this virus could be far-reaching. As challenges emerge, our resiliency and camaraderie will be key to overcoming what lies ahead. There is no other team that I would rather confront these challenges with than our Phantom family!

Phantom Lethal!