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Paul Funk II, Lt. Gen. U.S. Army Commanding

To Phantom Warriors,

It’s been my greatest privilege and honor to command III Corps—90,000 of America’s Warriors—for the past two years. You have proven your mettle in missions around the globe. My wife, Beth, and I thank you and your Families for your sacrifices and service to our Nation. Phantom Warriors, you bring hope to our friends and strike fear in the hearts of our enemies

When America called, you answered. You responded with a resounding: “send me” every time!  Defeating Daesh in Iraq and Syria. Responding to Hurricane Harvey in Houston and Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas. Deterring Russian aggression in Europe. Strengthening homeland security on the Southwest border. Advising and assisting Afghan Security Forces against terrorist groups. Bolstering our ironclad defense alliance in Korea. You define what being Phantom Ready and Phantom Strong means!

At home-station you’ve trained, maintained, reorganized, and showcased tremendous teamwork, morale, and discipline. You honed your readiness—under the scorching sun and chilly nights—at places like Pinon Canyon, Doña Ana Ranges, Sugarloaf Mountain, Signal Hill, and Douthit Gunnery Complex. At motorpools and flight lines, PT fields and gyms, regardless of MOS or rank you demonstrated Funk’s Rule #32: “High standards, positive outlook, and excellence are contagious.”

Outside the gates, you showcased your patriotism to our communities at parades, school visits, and Scouting events—you are inspiring future generations of Phantom Warriors. America loves you.

You will be on the top-of-my-mind, as I head to my new duties as commander of U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command. I will focus on ensuring we recruit and transform citizens into steely-eyed Soldiers ready to perform their duties—on Day  No. 1—when they arrive in your platoons and companies. We will also ensure we develop and educate leaders with strong values, physical strength, and warrior ethos. You deserve the best.

I am immensely proud of you!

Phantom Ready! Phantom Strong!