Two hundred forty-four years ago on July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress voted to adopt the Declaration of Independence for America’s first 13 colonies, in effect, claiming they were no longer subject to the rule of England. This seminal event led to the formation of the United States of A…

GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — As Black Jack prepares to close out the fifth rotation of Atlantic Resolve, our successes can be traced along countless fronts within our formations, the European theater and back home in Fort Hood.  

From the Commander

Recently the III Armored Corps forward headquarters quietly passed the six-month mark of our deployment to the Middle East, where we are leading the military effort of the 60-nation Global Coalition fight against the Islamic State. The approximately 450 Phantom Warriors are taking the fight …


Two Fort Hood Soldiers died and a third was injured when their car sped across the median of State Highway 195 near Georgetown and hit another car head-on, killing the driver, Feb. 1.

Letter to the Editor