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The old saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. That is what we are hoping for on our new Instagram page for Fort Hood.

Over the past two weeks, Fort Hood Public Affairs Social Media and Website Manager Charlie Maib has began a “soft launch” on the Instagram platform for the installation, which you can find at

Since his return to the Great Place in late November from U.S. Army Garrison - Japan at Camp Zama (he served as a broadcast journalist with the 1st Cavalry Division from 2004-2008 while on active duty), Maib has been busy building the new Fort Hood homepage and bringing more video products to Fort Hood’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

The next move, now that the new website is up and running, is creating a command presence on Instagram. Content is key to the page’s success, as is having those in the Fort Hood community finding us, liking us and following us down a new road on a different platform.

“The III Corps and Fort Hood Facebook page is still our top platform, with nearly 60,000 followers,” Maib said, “and Twitter has grown steadily over the years, up to more than 27,000.

“But so much of what the Army is about is visual,” he added, “and Instagram offers a great platform for photographic and limited video content.”

A quick look at recent posts to the post’s Instagram page affirms the emphasis on visual media. While Maib said he’s looking to select the best photos and videos to post, he’s also looking for Fort Hood community members to take an active role in the page, as well.

“Because Fort Hood is a giant umbrella that covers so many units and commands, we act as a little bit of a ‘best of’ Fort Hood photography, as well has hosting exclusive content,” Maib explained.

“We want you to follow us, of course, but more importantly, we also want to share your best images with us, as well,” Maib said. “That’s the beauty of social media – it’s social. We can interact with our community members and stakeholders in a meaningful way, and we can do it every day.”

While the Fort Hood Command Information program already uses the written word, photography and videography in a variety of mediums – from the traditional weekly newspaper, the website, social media and even several road signs prominently placed throughout the installation – adding Instagram now to that lineup is a natural progression.

“Facebook is where we reach the most people right now, but that could be very different just a few years from now,” Maib said. “While our platforms may change, or expand as in this case, the message remains the same: on one hand, we’re here to inform our internal audience about what’s going on at the Great Place, but we’re also here to highlight those troops and put a face on the service and sacrifices our Soldiers make every day.”

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