GRAFENWOEHR, Germany — As Black Jack prepares to close out the fifth rotation of Atlantic Resolve, our successes can be traced along countless fronts within our formations, the European theater and back home in Fort Hood.  

Our redeployment is in progress and the first wave of Soldiers have arrived back home and begun the reintegration process. In short order, the rest of the brigade will redeploy from Europe and touch down back home.

After nine months of training with our partners and allies, I can say with great confidence that this brigade has the lethality, readiness and interoperability to execute any mission set globally and is truly a force multiplier for our Army.

It’s been an honor to be a part of this great team and to work alongside such wonderful men and women every day.

A large part of the success of this brigade has been the support that our Soldiers received from their loved ones on the home front.  Black Jack is extremely fortunate to have one of the finest Soldier and Family Readiness Group programs in the Army. Their selfless service and tireless work ethic continue to be the linchpin to our success. Our program has helped foster a sense of belonging to the unit and community while providing a vehicle for our families to develop friendships and gain information.  

As our mission draws to a close, the tangible support provided by our SFRGs continues. Many of our friends and family are working together to prepare barracks rooms for our returning troopers, to provide a warm welcome home as a small token of appreciation for a job well done.  

Thanks to their great efforts – many Soldiers will enter a room filled with new bedding, curtains and assorted essentials that will increase their level of comfort exponentially. Additionally, several of our SFRGs will be giving specifically tailored care baskets to Soldiers who had children while away and are now coming back to a different environment.

The Army SFRG program has always provided tremendous support of our troops around the world.  Even while away from home, Black Jack has received an abundance of support from local SFRGs here in Germany. Upon hearing of our imminent departure, one group took it upon themselves to construct handmade, high quality masks for many of our Soldiers to wear on their flight home so that they are in compliance with the guidance for COVID-19 prevention.  

This is just a small example of how invaluable the SFRG program is to our troops and our Army. Their contributions to our overall mission, welfare and morale cannot be overstated and we are thankful.  

To everyone back home at the Great Place, continue to be safe and we look forward to rejoining you soon.