Teammates, families, and friends, Eliminating sexual misconduct from our Armored Corps and the Army is our top priority. III Corps is committed to preventing these crimes, supporting survivors, and holding perpetrators accountable.  

The Army’s Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention program reinforces everyone’s responsibility in the prevention of sexual assault, sexual harassment

and associated retaliation. SHARP also provides professional, compassionate and comprehensive care with timely support should a sexual harassment or assault incident occur.

Our corps has established numerous programs that help SHARP be successful. One such program is the Soldier-designed Supporting Warriors Action Team, which serves to educate and help Soldiers stand up against all corrosives within our formations. Before sexual assault/harassment occurs, our duty is to recognize it, and stop it.

Furthermore, when you go out, whether you’re going shopping, to a neighboring city to see the sites, or heading out for a night of fun, have a plan: go with a friend, and don’t leave them behind. Most victims are between the ranks of private to sergeant (17–25 years old); most perpetrators are between the ranks of private to sergeant (17–25 years old). If you do become a survivor, it is essential you report. Survivors have rights, which include an expedited transfer, medical and legal services, as well as behavioral health and counseling services. We can provide timely command actions and help the survivor when we know about it.

We need your innovative ideas on how to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assault. We welcome ideas from all ages and all ranks. Success in this mission is a team effort. Please call my hotline at 254-618-PHTM (7486) with your suggestions. Creating cohesive teams where everyone can thrive means sexual assault/harassment must disappear from our ranks. Do not allow this behavior in your squad.

Keep it out of our Corps – America’s Hammer!

People First!  Phantom Lethal!