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This month marks the 11th year of the Warrior Care Month.

To all troopers, former and current, under the Ironhorse banner and those that fall under the rest of the 1st Cavalry Division, we extend our greatest thanks and appreciation to you and your family for your service.

Ironhorse troopers have been very busy these past few months leading into this holiday season. The entire Ironhorse Brigade demonstrated great skill, proficiency and perseverance as they executed a combined arms live fire exercise these past couple of months.

We cannot thank our Ironhorse families enough for the support they have provided not only to their trooper, but to the entire Ironhorse Bde. They have held down the home front with several family readiness programs and have provided much needed stability each and every trooper across our formation has needed.

Each and every trooper and their family should know that your service and sacrifice are greatly appreciated and the Ironhorse Bde. would not be as lethal without everything you do.

As we wrap up our CALFEX and get ready for much needed leave and this holiday season, we look forward to several events aimed at bringing our Ironhorse family closer together.

Spouses will have the opportunity to become a trooper for the day when we kick off our Ironhorse Spouse Spur Ride. Spouses are encouraged to compete in the “Out for Glory” or “Out for a Good Time” categories. After the spur ride has concluded, we will have a huge Ironhorse family barbecue.

We will also have a little fun and competition during our Ironhorse Bde. Organizational Day. Troopers from across the brigade will compete in various team based physical activities to include, flag football, crossfit and basketball. Troopers will also gain a sense of Ironhorse pride and history throughout the day, as they compete to earn the coveted Commander’s Cup.

The Ironhorse command team recognizes the much needed relaxation and time spent with family and friends that each trooper has earned. We encourage every trooper, former and current, and their family to come out and support your trooper and your Ironhorse Bde.

Please remain vigilant and be aware of your fellow trooper. The holidays can be a hard time for many, so please make sure you are checking on your troopers. The Ironhorse Bde. is a family and as a family we take care of our own!

We want every trooper and their family to enjoy the fun and festivities we have coming up. Our deepest thanks and appreciation for all of your hard work these past months cannot be stated enough.

To everyone within the Ironhorse, First Team and III Corps families, please have fun, be safe and thank you!