Social Media

The October 2019 Domestic Violence Prevention Month campaign is designed to help service members, military spouses and intimate partners build safer relationships, increase knowledge of healthy relationships, and prevent domestic abuse.

Domestic violence comes in many forms this day and age. Social media is one of many forms of how individuals have changed the game in the fight against domestic violence abuse. Today’s technology gives an abuser a means to bullying, hurting and humiliating their love ones. Technology also opens a negative way for an abuser to track, stalk, harass, and control the victim. Being aware of the latest technology, as we are texting and posting on social media, can help prevent becoming a victim of domestic violence.

During the October 2019 Domestic Violence Prevention Month campaign, let’s make a vow to stop all the shamming, bullying, and intimidating of each other on social media. Let’s use social media in a more positive light, such as networking, community events, and staying in touch with family, friends and love ones. There is no place for domestic abuse on social media.

The theme and tagline for the October Domestic Violence Prevention Month campaign is “Mobilize Help for Safer Relationships. #MobilizeHelp.” Let’s use social media to put out good vibes out, instead of abuse. No one wants to feel belittled and embarrassed by a whole community. If you notice someone is being abused through social media or by any means, take a stand and seek out help. Available resources are Army Community Service Family Advocacy Program Care line on Fort Hood at 254-287-CARE (2273), Victim Advocate Program Crisis line at 254-702-4953, and the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233.