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Are you missing out on a valuable opportunity? If our Army leaders were to ask you what changes are needed to improve the quality of life within the Army, would you have a response? My guess is yes you would. Well don’t wait to be asked, let them know now. Seize the opportunity to use one of your greatest assets; your voice.  AFAP extends to you an open invitation to speak your issues and concerns along with your suggestions for improvement to leadership.  

AFAP is an Army-wide initiative that has been around since 1983. It continues to engage Soldiers, family members, survivors, retirees, and Department of the Army civilians across all Army components to identify, prioritize and elevate quality of life issues to senior leaders for action and resolution. Although installations may no longer host the annual AFAP conferences anymore, AFAP is still going strong and continuously working toward the betterment of our Army.

Since AFAP began, it has processed 721 issues. Twelve of which, are actively being worked toward resolution at the DA level; 167 were classified as unattainable, but 542 have been resolved. AFAP has been the driving force behind the enactment of 129 pieces of legislation, 197 Department of Defense and DA policy changes, and 216 improved programs and services, not to mention the countless improvements that have taken place at local installations Army-wide.

You may ask, what does all this mean to me? Let me ask you this, have you or anyone you know ever benefitted from either of the following?

• The Thrift Savings Plan

• The Standardized Army Wellness Centers

• The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program

• Army Family Team Building classes

• Transfer of Montgomery GI Bill Benefits to dependents

• Maximum Time Allowed for Final Home of Station selection for surviving dependent family members

• Military Mothers of Newborns Deployment Status

• Carrying shoulder bags in uniform

• In-state college tuition

All of these great benefits are products of AFAP. Each one began as concerns of one person who chose to voice them through AFAP. Today, we can all enjoy the results.  

Currently, the following issues are being worked at the DA level.

• Compassionate Action Requests for soldiers married to DA civilians

• Active duty Soldier TRICARE chiropractic coverage

• Basic Living Allowance for family member victims of domestic violence

• Soldier Household Goods Weight Allowance by number of dependents

• Increase to family Service Group Life Insurance coverage

These issues originated as just one person’s concern, but today, they are being worked at the DA.  They say it takes an act of congress to get things changed in the Army. Well as you can see, that’s what AFAP does, and YOU are the starting point. So don’t waste such valuable opportunity. Your issue today may one day be an Army-wide benefit.    

Submit your issues online through the Issue Management System at www.myarmyonesource.com, or email usarmy.hood.imcom-fmwrc.list.ACS-AFAP@mail.mil.  Be sure your issue includes your suggestion for resolution.

For additional information, please contact the AFAP staff at 254-287-1127 or email usarmy.hood.imcom-fmwrc.list.ACS-AFAP@mail.mil