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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2015  12:25:21 PM

III Corps Boxing Smoker

By weight division, winners of the Fort Hood Boxing Smoker championship titles were:

  • Featherweight: Rasheen Griffin, Fort Hood, defeated Robert Buning, Fort Bliss.
  • Lightweight: Joshua Stewart, Fort Bliss defeated Ronald Fulller, Fort Hood.
  • Light Welterweight: John Florez, Fort Sill, defeated Karapet Ushaglor, Fort Hood
  • Welterweight: Marques Johnson, Fort Hood, defeated James Hollon, Fort Hood.
  • Light Middleweight (A): Shawn Sullivan, Fort Bliss, defeated Mario Alamillo, Fort Bliss.
  • Light Middleweight (B): Edwin Castro, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, defeated Gerald Henderson, Fort Hood.
  • Light Heavyweight: Joshua Hunter, Fort Hood, defeated Donald Hamilton, Fort Bliss.
  • Heavyweight (A): Darnell Pierce, Fort Hood, defeated Trevor Donnatien, Aberdeen Proving Gounds.
  • Heavyweight (B): Colter Brown, Fort Hood, defeated Seth Naranjo, Fort Bliss.
  • Super Heavyweight: Arthur Williams, Fort Bragg, defeated Reginald Dennis, Fort Hood.

The semi-annual III Corps Boxing Smoker kicked off March 5 at Abrams Physical Fitness Center with two exhibition matches and a dozen championship fights that included 10 in the men's divisions and two women's division bouts.

Fort Hood's 48th Chemical Brigade won the team trophy; the runner-up team was the 1st Brigade, 1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss.

Photos by Michael Heckman,
Sentinel Staff

Featherweight Bout

Lightweight Bout

Light Welterweight Bout

Welterweight Bout

Light Middleweight (A) Bout

Light Middleweight (B) Bout

Women's Exhibition Match

Women's Heavyweight Bout

Light Heavyweight Bout

Heavyweight (A) Bout

Heavyweight (B) Bout

Super Heavyweight Bout

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