Jessica Keys, a Scotty McCreery fan, takes a selfie with the country music star at the Clear Creek Main Post Exchange on Fort Hood, May 10.

Hundreds of fans gathered at the Clear Creek Post Exchange for a chance to meet American Idol winner Scotty McCreery, and to get a signed copy of his book, “Go Big or Go Home,” May 10.

The country singer whose real name is Scott Cooke McCreery auditioned for the 10th season of American Idol at the tender age of 16. Despite his young age, McCreery persevered through the competition to be the ultimate winner in 2011.

McCreery is known for his heart-capturing vocal abilities, but during his summer tour he will be signing books instead of singing tunes.

“I don’t like to think I have written an autobiography at 22,” said McCreery, the Garner, North Carolina, native. “The book is full of life stories. It is just my life experiences and thoughts on the world to this point.”

Fort Hood is McCreery’s first stop at a military installation during his book signing tour.

McCreery said it is a privilege to have the chance to see Soldiers during his tour. He had two grandfathers who served our nation, one in the Navy and the other in the Air Force.

“(The Soldiers) do a lot for us,” said the multi-Platinum-selling singer. “The least I can do is come out here and thank y’all for everything you do.”

McCreery’s book signing was scheduled during lunch to give soldiers the opportunity to meet the star. The American Idol’s fans started to gather an hour prior to be the first in line to meet him.

“When I found out he was coming to Fort Hood I made sure I got here really early,” Jessica Keys said. “We are both from small towns in the South, so it felt like watching somebody you know make it big.”

The eager fan said she remembers watching him week after week advance through the singing competition.

“I got the easy job,” McCreery said. “(The Soldiers) guys are doing the real work out here.”

If interested in finding out more about the fascinating journey of Scotty McCreery, his book is available for purchase at the Clear Creek Post Exchange.