Parents soaked in water and chased after their little ones, with lathered sunblock noses, as they spend quality time together in the soon to be summer sun. June 21, is the official first day of summer.  

BLORA’s Summer Bash hosted more than 2,000 people, Saturday, with a high of 92 degrees.

A perfect excuse for Soldiers and Families to enjoy water actives in the sun, BLORA provided attendees with a variety of water activates such as an inflatable zip line, an inflatable water slide, an inflatable water alligator and a water balloon sling shot.

HEB and Allied Marketing Group sponsored BLORA’s Summer Bash. Free water and small business merchandise was given out during the bash by the sponsors.

Lisa Lorenz-Bass, outdoor recreation coordinator, said that their annual two-day Water Festival at BLORA, was shorted to one day and re-named BLORA’s Summer Bash, due to the flooding at the lake.

Lorenz-Bass said that BLORA’s intent is to host annual events the first weekend of June, in order to welcome summer and influence Families to keep them in mind when planning their summer activities.    

“It’s an opportunity for us to just give them a place that is safe to recreate and enjoy summer,” Lorenz-Bass said.

Lorenz-Bass said that some safety tips she would give Families were to watch their children closely when in the water, wear sunscreen and drink lots of water.

“Watch them closely, especially when the beach is open. We have lifeguards normally when the beach is open, but another set of eyes always on them is a good thing,” Lorenz-Bass said.

Lorenz-Bass said that the paddle boat dock will be re-named Sierra Cove this summer. Sierra Cove will have individual trampolines and kayaks and paddle boards for rent, Lorenz-Bass added.

Along with the BLORA staff, volunteers and Soldiers also helped coordinate the bash. Lorenz-Bass said that BLORA is always looking for new volunteers.

Pfc. Bryce Perona, attached to 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, was one of 10 Soldiers from 1st Cav. Div. tasked to assist BLORA with the bash.

Perona said that 1st Cav. Div. Soldiers got there bright and early to help BLORA set up for the bash and that he encourages other Soldiers to get involved.

“Try to come out to more events and don’t be so hostile to come out to fun events like this,” Perona said.

Perona said that his girlfriend also came out to support the bash and enjoy some sun. Where Soldiers go, Family members and loved ones follow.

Perona added that events like this give Soldiers with Families, who are about to deploy, an opportunity to enjoy quality-time together.

BLORA is short 30 minute drive away from main post. BLORA offers outdoors activities such as paintball, horseback riding, a team challenge course, cottage rentals, picnic rentals, camping, mountain bike trails and more. For more information about what BLORA has to offer, or upcoming events visit,