Soldiers from across Fort Hood came to have fun, see friends and most importantly, smash the competition. The Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers program hosted its annual Super Smash Bros. tournament Saturday at BOSS Headquarters.

BOSS is a program for all Soldiers, not just singles, that provides a safe alternative to bars, clubs or parties for Soldiers to hang out, meet people and spend their time getting out of their rooms.

“BOSS gives Soldiers a voice in situations they feel they aren’t being heard. We help with situations in the barracks and their units,” BOSS Vice President Spc. Skyler Blanding said. “We provide them with a chance to give back through community service. We host outings to the surrounding areas and simply provide a haven for those who may not be able to get out much.”

Participants competed in a bracket-style competition with a best two-out-of-three, one-on-one fight. For those unfamiliar with the game Super Smash Bros., it is a Nintendo brawler or fighting game. Players pick from a variety of Nintendo characters, some of the more notable being Mario, Luigi, Kirby and Yoshi.

“I came to the first tournament that BOSS put on last year as well,” Pvt. Antonio Martin said. “I’m excited that they plan on making this an annual event. I’ve been playing smash since it was first released on the Nintendo 64 and this event gives me a place to play with others of my skill level and just make new friends.”

 Pvt. Robel Mesghina said one needs to practice and learn the characters in order to be good at the game.

“Super Smash Bros. is a pretty complex game when you get really into it,” Mesghina said. “It’s just like any other fighting game. You have to learn your characters combos and learn how they fight, but that’s just the basics. There are so many characters to play and learn. You can’t learn only one and and be good at the game. It’s important to know how all of them play so you can fight them accordingly.”

The game isn’t just mashing buttons randomly and hoping for a win. There is a finesse to it. Knowing when to block and when to dodge, when to go in for a fight and how to use the terrain to your advantage is crucial to winning. The game requires critical thinking and planning, however the overall goal is to have fun and for the representatives at BOSS that is the most important part as well.

“I love coming to these events,” said Pvt. Widmayer Jerome. “I definetly plan on coming to future tournaments.