The Fort Hood Main Exchange hosted its annual car and bike show at the Fort Hood Community Events Center parking lot Saturday morning.

The event drew dozens of cars and trucks to display and hundreds of visitors.

In the past, the PX car show has had to limit the number of car entries to 25. This is because, previously, the car show was located in the Clear Creek PX parking lot, Kenay Hodo, service business tech for the PX, said. Now that the show has moved across the street to the Community Events Center, they were able to open it up to more entries.

“We don’t turn anyone away,” she said. “If you have a car and you want to bring it over here, that’s perfectly fine with us because why turn away our Soldiers and our service members and our civilians? If they want to show off their car, go ahead.”

There are dozens of car shows around Texas throughout the year. Often, there is a registration fee to enter those shows and competitions.

“But ours is free of charge for everyone, with free food,” Hodo said. “It’s something for our community, to show our appreciation and make sure they have something to do and have a good time for the Family.

“It’s just something to get out of the house, bring the Family, see some nice cars, eat some good food, see some things that we have that you probably didn’t know we have,” she continued.

The cars, trucks and motorcycles on display spanned the spectrum of classic to modern, original to custom, foreign to domestic. The event organizers and judges, who were three senior managers at the PX, judged all the entries and awarded prizes for each category – classic, custom, motorcycle, foreign and domestic.

The top prize, however, was the best of show award. That award was given to Killeen resident and Marine Corps veteran Nelson Adams, who brought his USMC customized red Dodge Charger.

He said he started entering car shows to show his appreciation to the Marine Corps.

“Once a Marine, always a Marine,” Adams said. “And I can actually dedicate this to the Marine Corps because the Marine Corps has been so good to me. I just started putting my Semper Fi on the hood, my Marine Corps eagle, globe and anchor on the doors and back windshield, inside on the seat covers and floor mats, the whole nine yards.”

Adams said he just bought the car last year and started entering car shows last summer. In his short time in the car show circuit, he’s amassed a number of awards for his car.

Adams’ Challenger was a last-minute entry to the car show as he had only heard about the event earlier that morning. He said he was grateful to have won the award for best in show.

“It’s an honor, it is, because there are so many beautiful cars out here,” he said. “They had so many to choose from and any of them could have won. But for me, it’s a real honor.”