“Song of Achilles” by Madeline Miller

If retellings are your thing, “Song of Achilles” by Madeline Miller needs to be your next read. We’ve all heard the story of Helen of Troy along with tales of the mighty Achilles, told to be a son of a god. Fewer of us have perhaps read Homer’s The Iliad (Cliff Notes don’t count). This book accomplishes the task of bringing these classic, tragic stories to life whilst injecting them with no shortage of raw emotion. The characters become more than just myth, they feel alive, and it is extremely easy to connect with both Patroclus and Achilles himself (the main characters). You will find yourself transported to the Greek Heroic Age in the midst of a battle. By the end of the novel, if you are anything like me, you will shed a tear or two so be forewarned.

After being originally published in 2011, this book’s popularity has resurged due to being frequently featured/recommended on TikTok. It is available at most major book sellers.

“Beach Read” by Emily Henry

Masquerading as your run-of-the-mill rom com, is “Beach Read” by Emily Henry. Although there are some familiar romance tropes utilized in this quick read, rival writers and the girl who doesn’t believe in love being a couple, this book truly does stray from the usual summery-romance read. The characters are complex and easily relatable. A couple of my favorite things about this book are the dialogue and the setting. When the main characters are conversing, it feels very natural and is extremely easy to follow. The banter just flows. The setting is very picturesque and feels very real/ significant without being bogged down by too much descriptive fluff.

If you enjoy this read, follow it up with Henry’s more recently published “People we Meet on Vacation.” Both are available in most major book sellers.

“Such a Quiet Place’” by Megan Miranda

For something atmospheric, twisty and wholly absorbing pick up “Such a Quiet Place” by Megan Miranda. This author’s style is very straightforward and easy to read. She does suspense so well that you feel like you’re holding your breath waiting to find out what is going to happen. People who like to guess at how things will end will enjoy trying to solve this one, but will likely end up wrong. I would classify this book as a thriller, although it isn’t a horror book by any means. It also borders on literary fiction, as the characters really stand on their own and are a shining point of the book.

If you enjoy this book, check out Miranda’s other novels: “All the Missing Girls,” “The Last House Guest,” “The Girl from Widow Hills” or “The Perfect Stranger.” Miranda’s books are available in most major book sellers.