BELTON — Do you enjoy saving money, while giving back to the community?

On the third Saturday of every month, live-music, children’s laughter, vendors and the smell of food fill downtown Belton. Belton Market Days are right in front of the Bell County Court House. It’s impossible to miss.

Belton Market Days is my favorite local market for several reasons. There were easily 50 different vendors, plenty of parking space and it was walking distance from more than a dozen cafes and restaurants. All corner streets in front of the court house were blocked off by security.

Each product and service was unique. Vendors were happy to share his or her story about their product or service with anyone and everyone. Community support for these small-local businesses, I could tell, ment the world to them.

My favorite discovery at the market was home-made dog treats and natural rawhide, because I have a 6-month-old Australian Shepard named Kahlúa. I was impressed with the rawhide that didn’t have artificial coloring, artificial flavoring or glue. Glue is a toxic for dogs to ingest, yet is still being used in rawhide for dogs. I’m really selective with what my dog eats. I was excited to find safe treats and chews for my teething puppy. Speaking of man’s best friend, fur-babies (dogs) on a leash are welcome at the market with their owner/family.

I grew up going to markets with my family and it’s something that I continue to enjoy. I believe shopping locally brings people together and helps people get to know others in their surrounding communities. The monthly market is a great place to go to on a date, out with friends, or on an outing with the family. The weather was my only complaint, but when you live in Texas there is no escaping the heat, even if autumn has officially started. I would recommend wearing sunblock, sunglasses and carrying a bottle of water when visiting the market.

The town has a lot of history. Belton has five Historic Preservation Ordinances. They aim to protect and promote the town’s history and original infrastructure, dating back to the late 1800’s. The market is located right in the middle of one of those ordinances. Visitors walking around the market, not only get to bargain shop, but they also get to experience a piece of history. Fun fact; Belton was originally named Nolanville in 1850. A year later, the town was renamed after the Texas governor at the time, Peter Hansborough Bell.

The next Belton Market Days will be from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Nov. 16 and is located at 213 E. Central Ave.

For more information on Belton Market Days and/or how to become a vendor visit,