BELTON — I was in a bit of a creative mood and this company out of Belton kept coming up on my Facebook feed, as if it was begging for me to take a peek. I did and loved it!

At Board & Brush, a person with little to no creativity can take a piece of wood, stencils, paint and stain, then turn it into a masterpiece. The best part is they do all the prep, provide all the supplies and then clean-up, so all you have to do is show up and have fun.

When you arrive, the stencil you select online, along with the wood you selected, are on a table with your name. After verifying the stencil is the one you selected, the Board & Brush employees go around and find out what kind of stain or paint each person wants to use. Luckily, they have samples all over the shop with every color stain, along with different painting techniques they use. All a person has to do is point and say they want something like that color stain or paint.

I attended a workshop that had a combination of adults and youth. There were some people who had a lot of experience, while others were beginners. You could definitely tell the old pros, because when they handed everyone the supplies to distress their pieces of wood, the pros went to town, beating the daylights out of the wood, while the beginners weren’t sure how hard to hit the wood. They provide hammers, mallets, chicken wire, large drill bits and others supplies to help with the distressing process. Everyone agreed it was definitely a stress reliever.

Board & Brush provided rubber gloves to wear during the staining process, because stain is a killer to remove from your hands. They had several stain colors, from light brown to grey. All the youth decided to opt for painting their boards. I looked over at a young man who was mixing black with blues and purples and I thought, “It’s just going to be black.” A few minutes later, I looked back over and he had created the solar system, which was beautiful. With a few flicks of some white paint on a paintbrush, he added stars to the scenery.

The ladies I shared a table with were all creating signs for their homes, except one, who was creating a dinosaur sign for her nephew. After the stain was dry, she decided to blend two shades of green together to create an ombre effect for the dinosaur. Another lady was making a tray, using a photo she took of a beach in Hawaii as inspiration. Some of the designs require stain, stencil and paint and then a second stencil and paint for the effect. She also blended colors for an ombre effect, so her tray ended up looking like a Hawaiian sunset. After adding her water, she then added a second layer for the palm trees. It was stunning, but I think my favorite design was the dinosaur. It had a lot of small details, which I’m sure were a pain, but it ended up looking fantastic.

There was a lot of laughing and a lot of people leaving with a sense of pride. Many people think they can’t be creative, but with a little help, Board & Brush proves creativity never hurt anyone.

Board & Brush is located at 511 Lake Rd., Unit 105 in Belton, positioned in the center of the small shopping center. Because they have to precut stencils, reservations – along with choosing stencils – are required and can be made online at, selecting “Sign up today” on the left side and then choosing a workshop date. Studio manager Miriah Knapp said people can work on any kinds of signs at any time of the year. If someone wants to work on a Christmas sign in July, they can.

“Your only limitation,” Knapp said, “is your imagination.”