SAN ANTONIO — SeaWorld San Antonio is the perfect place to spend a day with your family while learning about the wonders of the ocean. In addition to whales, sea lions, sharks and other creatures, SeaWorld also offers rides, activities and holiday-themed events.

Something really awesome about SeaWorld San Antonio is that it transforms during some of the holidays. For the Halloween season the park provides all the thrills as it gets dark outside, with haunted houses, spooky characters walking everywhere, a Halloween parade for the little ones, creepy themed food and drink and even Halloween themed shows. This big Halloween festival is called Howl-O-Scream and this weekend is the final weekend to attend, but don’t worry because SeaWorld is open year round. Closer to Christmas time the park transitions into a winter wonderland, with lights, Christmas shows, Santa and all kinds of festive foods. Today through Sunday you can go get scared while exploring the magnificence of the ocean’s creatures.

The most iconic image associated with SeaWorld is that of Shamu, a world famous Orca whale. When thinking about Orcas, many might even use the name Shamu as an interchangeable moniker. The Orca shows at SeaWorld today, dubbed “Orca Encounter,” focus on educating the audience on ocean conservation and what people can do to play their part. The whales are magnificent as they propel themselves from their water and showcase a range of sounds they can make. For those wanting to cool off a bit from the heat, sitting in the “splash zone” in the first 15 rows of at Orca Stadium will get you absolutely drenched.

For younger children Sesame Street Bay of Play offers rides, a huge three story tall climbing jungle gym, a couple splash pads and shows with popular characters that offer up a great opportunity for meet and greets or photos. Something guests may want to look into is the Quick Queue add on. For an additional fee you can purchase the right to bypass lines at participating attractions, something that is well worth it on very busy days. There is a Quick Queue Junior option for the Bay of Play area, which I would highly recommend if you’re visiting the park during one of the holiday themed days, like Halloween or Christmas.

Classic exhibits like Dolphin Lagoon and Explorer’s Reef are still a big hit with guests, but there has been a lot added onto the park in recent years, like the Sea Turtle exhibit and Sea Lion feeding. A really cool thing about San Antonio’s park are the huge underwater viewing windows. Seeing Dolphins from below, and not just peering down at them, really lets guests feel like they’re immersed in the animal’s world and provides a viewing opportunity like no other. Dolphin Lagoon is a must do on your SeaWorld trip. Explorer’s Reef is the place to go for anyone with an interest in sharks, this exhibit will give you that classic aquarium experience.

Any trip to SeaWorld wouldn’t be complete without riding a couple thrilling rides. Newer additions include The Texas Stingray, Wave Breaker, Rio Loco, Journey to Atlantis and The Sea Swinger. The Texas Stingray is an all new wooden coaster which will definitely leave riders feeling exhilarated. Wave Breaker, Rio Loco and Journey to Atlantis will likely get you wet, as they all involve water but are more of a coaster format. The classic Steel Eel and The Great White are your typical roller coasters and are definitely thrilling.

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