FREDERICKSBURG — I fell in love with Fredericksburg at a young age. My family and I would stay on the 30-acre property that a family friend owned and spend time taking in the nature Fredericksburg has to offer. We also would go downtown to see all of the shops and restaurants.

One of the biggest memories I have is going to the Fredericksburg Trade Days and I was excited to be able to experience it again as an adult.

I, along with my roommate and partner in crime, Jessica made the two-and-a-half hour long trip from Belton to Fredericksburg.

We enjoyed taking in the many, many vineyards along the route, because if any of you are familiar with Fredericksburg, they have a countless amount of wineries.

The actual location of the Trade Days is about 15 miles east of Fredericksburg at a place called Sunday Farms. When we arrived around 10 a.m., an hour after they open, there were already many vehicles in the parking lot and several more waiting in line to get in.

However, it didn’t take us long to get in to park. Parking is five dollars and the proceeds benefit local charities.

Once we parked out in the open grass parking lot, we made our way into the madness. It was just as busy as I remember it, but it seemed like there were more booths this time. There are seven main barns to walk through with vendors lined on the sides selling all kinds of things. Just about anything you can think of was for sale like – clothes, toiletries, kitchen utensils, tons of home décor and antiques.

It was fun to see all the different antiques including some cast iron pans that were around 100 years old.

Jessica and I made it through all of the barns in an hour and a half, but we didn’t stop to look in detail at much except booths that had cast iron things. We also didn’t stop to look at many of the extra booths and shacks outside of the barns. If you’re the type of person that needs to look at absolutely everything a place has to offer, I would highly recommend setting aside one entire day to be able to see everything in detail.

If you do stay there the whole day, there are several food trucks there to purchase food from. Some had funnel cakes and some sold barbeque, but one that caught my eye was a mac and cheese food truck that had several kinds of mac and cheese mixtures, including crawfish mac and cheese. I was tempted, but I wanted to save my appetite for a restaurant my family and I had visited many years ago on main street called Rathskeller, which was just as good as I remember it. Maybe next time, I’ll try some crawfish mac and cheese.

The Fredericksburg Trade Days has at least one show every month, but this month they will have two – Nov. 20-22 and Nov. 27-29. For more information, visit their website: or their facebook page