LAMPASAS — Have you ever wanted to break a world record?

In the small Texas-town of Lampasas, Leah and Abe Caruthers did just that, by building the World’s Largest Spur. The World’s Largest Spur, certified on February 3, 2017, by the Guinness Book of World Records, is over 33 feet tall and over 21 feet wide. The spur is located 30 minutes west of Fort Hood.

As new-found Texans, my husband and I had to view the spur that broke the world record. Although Lampasas is a small-town, populated by less than 8,000 people, it’s known for three things: the World’s Largest Spur, Hancock Springs, and the non-profit organization, Lampasas Association for the Arts.

The World’s Largest Spur is located in-between Sulphur Creek and Hancock Springs. Driving down American Legend Memorial Highway, we were able to see the spur from a mile away. It was located in the middle of a random parking lot, next to Sweet Pickle Deli. My husband and I thought the location of the landmark was a little odd, but we were amazed at the size of the spur. When I first heard that the “World’s Largest Spur” was located in Lampasas, I assumed that a person could wear the spur on their boot, I didn’t realize it was actually a huge sculpture.

After a quick pit-stop at the spur, we decided to explore Lampasas for more sculptures and mural paintings. Eight minutes from the World’s Largest Spur, is Hanna Springs Sculpture Garden, founded by the LAFTA. The non-profit organization, dedicated to “expanding opportunities for everyone to experience art.” Hanna Springs Sculpture Garden is located inside Campbell Park.

On our way to the sculpture garden, we saw LAFTA members painting a new mural on the side of one of the historical-brick buildings. All of the mural paintings, sculptors and landmarks in Lampasas have been created by local artists.

Once my husband and I arrived at Campbell Park, we took a long stroll through the garden to view the art sculptures. My favorite art sculpture was “Octagon Avenue” created in 2018, by Lampasas Middle School teacher, Michael Kuehne, and his 6th grade art students. The students and teacher created a sculpture made entirely of colorful octagons — 48 to be exact. Each octagon had a different design and were stacked on top of one another.

If you’ve ever wanted to view a world record or local art, Lampasas is perfect for an afternoon trip. For a schedule of upcoming events or more information, visit