HARKER HEIGHTS — Expensive dinner dates on Valentine’s Day are cliché.

If you’re looking to make an impression, take your valentine on a date filled with paint and wine (wine sold separately).

At least once a week my husband and I have a date night. Last week for our date night, we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day early, by attempting to paint a woman and man standing under heart shaped balloons at Painting with a Twist.

The studio provides everything you need to paint, all you have to bring is a bottle of wine (if you choose to drink while painting). The studio also has several other themed classes, like Coffee and Canvas, that’s taught earlier in the day.

The outline for our soon-to-be masterpieces were already outlined by our instructor when we arrived. The first instructions given to us were to begin painting the background. Although the instructor gives step-by-step instructions in front of the class, everyone’s art piece ends up uniquely painted to fit their personality. For example, everyone painted their heart balloons differently. I painted my heart balloons pink, red and black and our instructor painted her heart balloons pink, red and orange.

I’ve never been a “great” painter, but thankfully it wasn’t a requirement for the studio. There were no artistic rules, when it came to our paintings. It was fun art, not fine art.

The classes are all about having fun. In the middle of class, our instructor said we were going to take a break and play a couples’ game. Let’s just say, my husband didn’t do so well. The men stood in the back of the room and the women stood in the front of the room during the game. The instructor went back and forth in-between couples asking them pop quiz style questions like, “What’s your wife’s favorite color?” and “What color socks is your husband wearing?” The couple with the most points at the end won a prize — any painting that was on the back wall of the studio. There was only one couple we were play against. The other couple won, but to be fair, they told us they have been in a 14-year relationship, in comparison to our three-year relationship. The game was definitely a fun bonding experience for my husband and I.

Painting with a Twist is a great Valentine’s Day date, whether it’s with your valentine, family or friends. Painting with a Twist is located at 716 Indian Trail Suite 220 in Harker Heights. To sign up for a painting class or for more information visit https://www.paintingwithatwist.com/studio/harker-heights/.