GEORGETOWN — Have you been naughty or nice this year?

If you’ve been nice, Santa Claus is waiting for you to tell him what you want for Christmas at Sweet Eats Fruit Farm.

Christmas is just around the corner and I have a long Christmas list. Sunday afternoon, I went to go visit Santa at the farm and forgot to take him milk and cookies (to be fair, he didn’t look malnourished).

Chickens roamed free on the 78-acre farm, while a loose goat was on the run. The farm is a huge playground filled with farm animals. My favorite farm animal was the baby alpaca inside the petting zoo.

During my visit, I asked Santa why he wasn’t at the North Pole.

“Well, I have to come visit the kids and take their list,” he said laughing. “They get a real charge out of seeing Santa — well most of them. Some of them are a little terrified.”

None of the elves could make it to the farm, because gifts are in high demand.

“They’re up at the North Pole, busy – they are working,” Santa said. “You don’t think Santa does all that work do you?”

Santa Claus, who has been in the meet-and-greet business for 14 years, shared that he loves spreading Christmas joy.

“Just the children, seeing the smiles on their faces when they put their arms up and come running to me, I mean that’s just my absolute favorite. I just love that,” he said.

After chatting it up with the good Ol’ St. Nick, my fiancé and I took a stroll around the farm. As we were walking, the aroma of food filled the air. If I hadn’t eaten before my visit, I would have definitely made a pit stop at the food truck. Near the parking lot, we saw a family picking fresh farm eggs and the mother hens wondering where their eggs went. Right next to a life-sized ginger bread house, Fraser fir Christmas trees were being sold. The farm was like a mini Christmas town.

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is a perfect place to have a family outing, host a private event, or buy a Christmas tree.

The farm is open to the public from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every weekend, now until Dec. 22. Private events for large groups can be held during week. For more information about Sweet Eats Fruit Farm, visit