GEORGETOWN — Deep in the heart of Williamson County, just east of Georgetown, is a hidden treasure of place called Sweet Eats Fruit Farm. And while there are indeed orchards full of fruit trees, that most certainly isn’t the main attraction. And it isn’t the rows of flowers that are farmed there either. Once you walk past those two things, you enter a wonderland of adventure on a farm.

I had heard that Sweet Eats Fruit Farm was one of the larger fun areas to take a family, but when I saw how large this place was, I was flabbergasted. Acres upon acers of things for kids to do and climb on. All of it under the shaded canopy of tall trees that have been there for decades, and seated along the banks of the San Gabriel River.

After you pay for your admission (ask for the military discount), you enter a large pumpkin patch with several photo-shoot-ready displays. This is a prime place to take fall family photos. Large hay bale displays, an old truck and a house made of pumpkins are just a few of the displays available. Pumpkins are literally everywhere.

Just a bit farther in is one of the largest corn mazes I have ever seen. It’s the size of at least ten football fields. There is a smaller one for kids, but lord, that big one is very, very, large. Plan to spend a minute in that one if you decide to tackle it.

Once past those, you get to the really fun stuff for the kids. There is a driving course set up for all manner of pedaled vehicles ranging in size from toddler tricycles to pedaled go karts that can seat adults.

There is an area circled off with hay bales filled with bouncy balls, a mountain made from tractor tires, with a large slide at the top, several rope swings from trees and two huge bouncy house stations.

There’s an apple launching station where you can catapult apples at scarecrows, access the San Gabriel River where you relax or skip stones across the river, a tug-of-war station and corn hole are all also available.

There are some food trucks there if you get hungry, but this is the perfect spot to bring a picnic and hang out at one of the numerous picnic tables that are arranged under the shade trees.

Last, but not least, is the petting zoo. You don’t just reach through a fence and feed some goats corn at this place. Here, you go inside the fence and hang out with sheep, goats, llamas, pigs and rabbits. Don’t worry, they are all very tame and used to crowds of kids. There are also pony and horse rides for the little ones. The rides are on a leash and fairly short, but if you have a little one who has never been on one, this will certainly make memories for them that they will never forget.

Sweet Eats Fruit Farm is so large and has so many things to do that I am sure I am forgetting about half of it.

It’s just a 45-minute drive from Fort Hood, and well worth the trip. And the prices are affordable for a full day of fun.

Check out more about Sweet Eats Fruit Farm at their website,