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BELTON — Independence Day weekend was a big deal here in the Fort Hood community, and it all kicked off with Military Appreciation Night at the Belton Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Rodeo July 1.

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ŻAGAŃ, Poland — The sky is still dark when he turns off his alarm clock and climbs out of bed. After preparing for the day, he heads down to his workshop and flips on the lights in the basement of the barracks. This is where he’s spent countless hours cutting, burning and crafting — perfecti…


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A new portable hearing test technology advanced by Department of Defense researchers is capable of assessing and diagnosing hearing health far forward on the battlefield, as well as in a clinic setting, vastly improving access to care and enabling quicker diagnosis and treatment of injury.

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Summertime heat and outdoor events can put everyone at increased risk of contracting severe foodborne illness, so it’s more important than ever to stick to a few key safety guidelines to make sure you and your guests don’t get sick.

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