For one week, signal Soldiers from across the Army came together, to not only discuss the future of the Signal Corps, but to build comradery and show signal pride during the 2019 Signal Regimental Week, hosted by 11th Theater Tactical Signal Brigade, Aug. 19-22.

During Signal Regimental Week, Soldiers and leaders, both active and retired, gathered to translate information and build relationships.

The week of festivities consisted of a regimental run, leadership conferences, executive briefs and seminars, leadership breakfasts, luncheons and ended with a signal regimental ball.

This year Signal Regimental Week also welcomed corporations such as Dell, Amazon, and 688 Cyber Space Wing – an Air Force component who rely heavily on skills that signal Soldiers acquire to run their businesses.

Having outside corporations present during Signal Regimental Week was important for Soldiers, said Spc. Deseree Frazier, an information technology specialist, with 57th Expeditionary Signal Battalion.

“It’s important because it gives everyone information that they may need whether you want to stay in or get out,” Frazier said. “Having the opportunity to gain those resources through signal and know that the credentials you acquire are valuable is a good feeling. It also shows that the regiment wants us to be successful, whether we stay in or get out. ”

Soldiers were exposed to a plethora of information about their own abilities and the capabilities of the signal world that kept them interested in coming to the seminars.

“It’s worth coming to because there is a lot of info to take away from the meetings,” Frazier said. “Even if it’s something I’m not interested in personally, it’s something that I can take and share with someone else, very useful information.”

In addition to valuable knowledge, Soldiers gained a sense of pride from attending the conferences.

“Some of these meetings give me more pride in being signal,” Frazier said. “We may not be on the front line fighting or in combat, but we are helping to support them and without us there would be no fight.”

Other Soldiers didn’t need any convincing that Signal Regimental Week was well worth it.

Sgt. Robert Daniel Walk, a Nodal Network Systems operator-maintainer, attached to 57th ESB, looks forward to Signal Regimental Week happening every year, he said.

“I look forward to this week because we are able to network with people not in our everyday formations,” Walk said.

“With technology ever-changing, it is very important that we get out and network with other signaleers so that we can be of value to the lethality of the Soldiers we support,” Walk said.

This year Soldiers, like Walk, were able to learn how to best support the lethality of other Soldiers by becoming more knowledgeable about cyber security and how signal Soldiers can help combat cyber-attacks.

“Our next capability is cyber,” said Walk. “We saw in our Saber Guardian field training exercise where we were actually cyber attacked and we had to respond to that. Cyber security this is something we need to be on the forefront with because the enemies are using these practices and procedures. We need to be able to infiltrate networks in 18 minutes like the enemy.”

The seminars encouraged leaders to educate themselves so that they could better lead their Soldiers.

“I was able to narrow down what kind of training I need to have myself so that I can give my Soldiers the knowledge to protect our networks and other soldiers based on the information I received today,” Walk said.

In addition to the exchange of information that Signal Regimental Week provides, it also builds camaraderie and pride.

“Signal Regimental Week builds an Esprit de Corps in our regiment that culminates in our signal regimental run where all the Soldiers, all the tankers, all the troops have to salute us as we run by,” Walk said. “It’s amazing.”

Soldiers ended the week at the signal regimental ball where they were able to continue to connect and be inspired by leaders.

“I love the Signal Corps,” Walk said. “Signal Regimental Week is my favorite week and I hope everyone gets as much out of it as I do.”