Nine students participated in the CYSitter course June 3 at High Chaparral Youth Center to earn their CPR certification and learn how to be the best babysitter they can be.

“Right now, the students are getting CPR, first aid trained,” Alicia Rooman Wilson, kids on-site specialist with CYS, said as the class began. “They get that certification at the beginning of the course. Then, I’m going to go in to talk about different activities they can do with the children.”

Though the proper way to perform CPR on an adult is covered, briefly, the class mostly focuses on how to properly perform CPR on an infant.

Instructor Della Miller stressed the importance of remaining calm and collected during a possible choking incident and the proper way to hold the baby so no other damage is caused to it’s under-developed body.

“When they seek out into the world and they’re eligible, especially on post, they can babysit when they have that CPR/first aid card,” she said. “If they live off post, it’s just a good thing to have, that certification. Parents, families when they leave their child with any teenager, any person, wants that certification.”

Those wishing to participate only need to make it to one of the course days to complete it. The next courses will be taking place at 8 a.m., June 28 and July 19 at High Chaparral Youth Center.

Obviously, the CPR and first aid training is important, but Rooman Wilson believes teaching the future baby sitters about activities to do with the kids they’ll be taking care of is just as important.

“My main thing that I’m a true believer of is interacting with children is helping them learn,” she stated. “It’s all part of their development. That’s what I try to put out there.”

Rooman Wilson’s been working the CYSitter classes for five years and enjoys making sure the students are engaged and helping with their development no matter the stage.

“I’m all about children and their development. So, working with the teenagers, they’re at a different stage. So, I’m teaching them how to interact with the younger kiddo’s. It’s just something I have always liked to do.”

Rooman Wilson also teaches the imAlone classes, which helps families decide when and how long to leave their kids home alone. This class also takes place at High Chaparral Youth Center and the next classes will be offered June 14 and 21.

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