The Fort Hood Spouses Club hosted their annual membership drive, Super Sign Up, on Aug. 19 at the Phantom Warrior Center.

The club is a 501c3, otherwise known as a nonprofit organization. The club aims to raise funds to give back to the Fort Hood community, through hosting events and coordinating a team of volunteers. Annual luncheons for members are another perk, as well as sub-clubs.

The club is primarily aimed toward spouses of service members, but if you are a Soldier and also a spouse, you can join as well. Members of the Fort Hood community who are not directly affiliated with the military, such as those who work on post, may also be able to join as associate members. Associate members can only make up 20% of the annual membership, so these slots are limited.

Something the club is seeking to do this year is to be more inclusive for male spouses. They are aiming to do this through implementation of a couple new sub-clubs: Spirit Club and Date Night Club. Spirit Club will entail visiting local breweries and wineries in the area.

“This year, one of the main things that we wanted to focus on was being more inclusive. So we wanted to kind of come up with ways that we could get more husbands involved and be part of it if they wanted to, (and) maybe make it more comfortable for the male spouses,” Desiree Groen, FHSC president, said.

A favorite of Groen’s are the sub-clubs, essentially niche clubs within the FHSC that are open to members. These sub clubs will typically meet once a month on a set recurring day. A few of the offerings include: book club, charcuterie board club, mommy and me club and hiking club.

Monthly socials take the format of luncheons and occur every month between September and May. At these luncheons, members will have the chance to bring a guest to check out local vendor’s booths, play games, potentially win prizes and eat some delicious food.

Last year, FHSC was able to give back $30,000 to local Central Texas organizations, which was very unexpected for Groen given the challenges COVID-19 has entailed.

“It’s incredible. We were expecting half of that, we were not expecting to make that much money during COVID, but we were able to give back to $30,000, and we went to places anywhere from local Killeen food pantries to places in Central Texas that do retreats for families of Soldiers with PTSD,” Groen said.

In November, FHSC will host their largest fundraiser of the year, their 40th Annual Holiday Bazaar, which is open to the public and held at the Killeen Civic and Conference Center. A couple other events on the agenda include Sweetheart Bingo and Wild West Night. To learn more about these events, or for information about membership, visit or

“The biggest benefit (of being in the club) is giving back. So if you’re a person who really enjoys giving back to the community, this club is for you. If you’re a person who really wants to meet people, outside of the military unit, this club is for you. We’re a social group with a mission of giving back,” Groen said.