COPPERAS COVE — Looking for fresh-local produce?

For the past three years, the annual Copperas Cove Farmers Market was located at Copperas Cove City Park, five minutes away from where my husband and I lived. Every summer for the past two years, I’ve visited the Copperas Cove Farmers Market.

Funny story — I actually didn’t know that the market’s location was changed. As I was driving down Avenue D, toward Copperas Cove City Park, a banner read, “farmers market” and I immediately knew the location for the Copperas Cove Farmers Market was changed. Luckily, I saw the banner before reaching the intersection.

Although the market is small, all the vendors are local, friendly and eager to share a piece of themselves with their community. I enjoyed talking to small, local business owners about their home-grown produce, homemade baked goods and/or self-made products.

At the market, I met Jeannette Noble, a young entrepreneur in her 20s, who first started making homemade dog treats at just 13-years-old. Noble, owner of Everything Paw Related, also attends the Pioneer Farmers Market in Killeen from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., every Saturday in front of the Tractor Supply Company. Noble, who has a pooch herself, knows a lot about dogs. She used to work as a dog trainer for United K9 Academy.

Another passionate small-business owner that I met at the market was Scott Courson, owner of Firelock Designs. He creates shields, crests, coats of arms and more. Courson, who retired out of Fort Hood, said custom designs can be made upon request. He had four huge shields on display along with dozens of wood creations for the famous Dungeons & Dragons board game.

Also, we can’t forget about the fresh produce. Curtis Holman, owner of Holman’s Veggies and More, started gardening in 1989, after he’s retirement from the U.S. Army. His wife also assists with the business. Holman’s produce is organically and locally grown. As a cook myself, I love to incorporate fresh produce into my meals. My husband hates veggies, so I’ve learned to be creative.

The Copperas Cove Farmers Market is a great place for visitors to find fresh produce, and/or hand-made creations, while also supporting small-local businesses.

For more information about the Copperas Cove Farmers Market or how to become a vendor, visit

The Copperas Cove Farmers Market is open from 4-7 p.m., through Oct. 29. It is located on the corner of Avenue D and 2nd Street.