CRDAMC’s annual health fair

Bruce and Laura Austin check out an information table at CRDAMC Retiree Health Fair Oct. 26. The couple attended the event for the second year and appreciate receiving all the services and information in one location.

Hundreds of retired service members and their families received health screenings, immunizations and important health information during Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center’s annual Retiree Health Fair Oct. 25.

More than 600 retirees and family members participated in the event that spanned two hospital floors and included information and services ranging from TRICARE information to dental care to the latest robotic surgery innovations. Retirees received immunizations, donated blood and enjoyed lively entertainment.

Col. Richard Malish, commander, CRDAMC, provided a health care delivery update during the opening ceremony at Club Hood. Malish discussed the military treatment facility’s transition to the Defense Health Agency and its impact to retired service members and their families.

“Essentially, the change in management should be invisible to all our beneficiaries,” Malish said. “We remain committed to continuing to provide the same high quality, safe care that you have come to expect.”

Malish’s update also discussed hospital tempo, highlighting the fact that numerous staff members were busy caring for patients throughout the facility even as the health fair was in full swing.

“Now when you get over to the health fair, beyond looking at the beautiful building, I’d like you to remember that we have young, exceptional, and innovative staff who can’t wait to take care of you. But please remember the teams you won’t see who are busy at work on the other floors continuing the mission,” Malish explained. “While the health fair is happening, our young, energetic staff is also managing the full spectrum of hospital operations. They are very busy. Just last night there were 10 births. This morning we have 13 moms in labor, a full ICU and a full inpatient ward.”

Bruce and Laura Austin from Greenville were impressed with all the services and events at the fair.

“This is a great event and provides us things we don’t get in the Dallas area,” Bruce said. “This our second year and we event made it to the barbecue last night. All the information and services in a central location makes it easy to access.”

Creating a sense of community for beneficiaries was a major factor for the planning team.

Capt. Eduardo Mendez and Staff Sgt. Tiffany Brown-Howard were instrumental in ensuring the day was filled with services, education, and entertainment that would show the retirees how much they are appreciated.

“We just want the retirees and their families to know that we are grateful for their service and sacrifice and feel extremely honored to be able to take care of them,” Mendez the officer-in-charge of planning, said.