The Better Opportunity for Single Soldiers program hosted a free BOSS Thanksgiving Movie Day Luncheon Friday at their new headquarters. 

“It may be hard for these Soldiers to be away from family for the first time, so it’s important to help build morale,” BOSS President Cpl. Zachary Smiley, said.

Smiley has recruited approximately 25 representatives for the program since becoming the BOSS president five months ago.

Sgt. Matthew Johnston, BOSS representative for Headquarters Company, 11th Signal Brigade, said the luncheon gave him an opportunity to leave the barracks and a chance to win prizes. Johnston said he won a TV last year during a BOSS Christmas luncheon. The program raffled off a 32-inch smart TV, three mini Bluetooth speakers and a bottle during the luncheon.

The BOSS program aims to enhance the quality of life for single Soldiers.

“BOSS has always been a great program for Soldiers. It just doesn’t get put out to the units as much as it should,” Johnston said. “Each unit should have a primary rep, as well as an alternate rep.”

Johnston said that as a BOSS representative, his job is to share information about the BOSS program with his unit.

“As a single Soldier in the military for nine years, I heard the word ‘BOSS’ talked about a lot at the three bases I’ve been at, but no one ever put out a lot of information,” Johnston, originally from South Dakota, said. “So when I started going to their events myself – that I’d hear about, I wanted to spread the word to other single Soldiers, who wouldn’t hear or didn’t know what BOSS was or did.”

Johnston said the BOSS program boosts morale for single Soldiers who are away from home for the holidays.

“Events like this give Soldiers somewhere to go when their away from home or away from family. It’s a great way to keep a Soldier from feeling down and feeling like they are alone,” Johnston said. “It gives them the chance to meet new people and make those connections.”

For more information about the program, follow the BOSS Facebook page at