The 3rd Cavalry Regiment had the opportunity to engage with U.S. Rep. Anthony Brown, MD-District 4, and his official party July 31.

The roundtable discussion provided a greater understanding of the regiments equipment, personnel, capabilities and shortfalls as the Brave Rifles train up for future deployments.

Following a tour of the regimental headquarters and a brief overview of the Brave Rifles history, a post-deployment roundtable was held as a follow-up to an Army current operations engagement Tour, where 3rd Cav. Regt. leadership participated in office calls with various legislative leadership June 20 in Washington. Discussions included an overview of the regiment’s most recent deployments to Iraq, Kuwait and Syria in support of Combined Joint Task Force – Operation Inherent Resolve, including key tasks: advising, assisting and enabling the Iraqi and indigenous security forces; providing base defense; executing combined, joint fires and information collection and fusion.

The recent discussion enabled regimental leadership to openly discuss challenges and gaps, as well as lessons learned. The event closed out with a leader professional development roundtable with 17 lieutenants from the regiment where the officers presented their challenges as junior leaders in the Army and had an open discussion with Brown and his team.

“We understand the responsibility that we have to make sure that the warfighter has all the training and resources needed to do your job well and be successful,” Brown said. “A big part of that success is making sure that you all come home safe.”

A retired colonel, Brown served 30 years combined as an active and Reserve officer in the Army.

“I try to look through that lens of the captain that has responsibilities for equipment and personnel and make sure that they are prepared to do their job and do it well,” Brown said.

During the roundtable discussion, communications and networks were identified as equipment challenges where there are gaps. The regiment will be using upcoming field exercises and a rotation at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California, to train and send the lessons learned back.

“The reps we are getting here at home station and with what we will get at NTC it is phenomenal,” 3rd Cav. Regt. Commander Col. Ralph Overland said. “This provides the time and the reps needed to build confidence. At this time in the Army, it is critical that we build confidence at all levels and we appreciate the support.” Brown encouraged the lieutenants in attendance to take pride in themselves, take care of Soldiers and their equipment.

“We are making a big investment in a robust modernization plan so that you can be ready at any time to deploy anywhere in the world,” Brown said. “It’s important that we invest in you and that we have the right Soldier at the right time. It’s about taking care of you and your families and it’s our job to allocate the funds to do so.”