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CTC now offers Fort Hood students synchronous real-time virtual classes. SVL provides live instruction online in a virtual environment like Zoom or another online system. Students will login to class on

Registration is now open for the second block of eight-week classes for the fall semester at the Central Texas College Fort Hood Campus, according to a CTC release.

The classes run from Oct. 19 through Dec. 12, and will be conducted in the traditional online format and also in the new synchronous real-time virtual format, or SVL.

What is SVL? It’s about as close to having a seated class in a physical classroom as you can get, according to Dr. Eric Hazell, a History and English professor at CTC who would normally be teaching a seated class on post.

“The way it works is we just do live web lectures,” Hazell said. “Some people use Zoom, some use Google Meet. Some people use Blackboard. Whatever platform you use, it’s just a live web lecture.”

Hazell, who was chosen as the winner of the Student Choice Award for teacher of the year last year, said it’s very straightforward, and that once everything is all set up, it all runs very smoothly, and the students he has like it.

“As a general rule, the students are very happy, because a number of them are worried about just taking classes online,” Hazell explained. “A lot of them want face-to-face classes, and when they see that we get that, they’ve found that this is a good substitute.”

“We can have discussions, just like we do in a regular classroom meeting,” Hazell continued. “People can participate either by speaking or typing into a chat box. One of the big advantages is a lot of times a student who won’t speak up in class will type something into a chat box.”

That’s not the only advantage. SVL classes are on specific days of the week at specific times with attendance taken. What happens if you have to miss a class?

“I record the lectures,” Hazell said. “And so, you know, we have a lot of Soldiers who, at any given time, can miss a class or two. So this really accommodates them … It makes it easier for them to keep up with the class.”

Civilian students can register using the CTC online WebAdvisor system, while active-duty personnel can register for classes using the GoArmyEd portal through Oct. 18.

CTC is also offering a four-week winter mini-term at the Fort Hood campus. Core curriculum classes of Texas History, United States History I and Public Speaking will be conducted using a combination of traditional online and live lecture online and held Dec. 14 - Jan. 8.

The registration period is Oct. 9 - Dec. 13. Active-duty personnel can register for the mini-term using the GoArmyEd portal and all other students can register through WebAdvisor.