COVID-19 has reminded people of the importance of physical health, especially for youth, which is why some of Fort Hood’s youth gathered at the Bronco Youth Center to participate in the Limitless Fitness Clinic July 6.

Instructors Josie Reid, Alicia Black and Bryce Anderson led the youth through six different activities, teaching them different physical activities to do and how to eat healthy by making their own healthy fruit smoothies.

“It is important for all youth to be active, especially during this pandemic, to help build their immune system. Being active at an early age can lead to a healthy lifestyle for a lifetime,” Anderson said. “Also, kids who exercise have greater self-esteem and better self-image.”

The Limitless Fitness Clinic lasts four hours and is offered twice during the summer to Fort Hood youth.

Anderson believes that the kid’s favorite activity was the functional fitness part of the program and that yoga challenged them the most. He said that was evident from the concentration on their faces when trying their best to strike the correct pose.

“I hope they gain a love for fitness, sports and just having fun with others,” Anderson said of what he hopes the youth gain from their experience.

Due to the pandemic, measures were taken to make sure social distancing requirements were met and that the kids remained safe and healthy while participating in the clinic.

“All of the youth are screened, their temperatures are checked and they wash their hands before the start of the activities all while social distancing,” Anderson said. “There are nine youth to one staff and masks are encouraged, but not mandatory. They wash their hands every hour, if possible, or hand sanitizer is used and the youth are required to be six feet apart.”

Eric Redfern, 9, participated in the clinic. His normal schedule was thrown out of whack when COVID-19 hit, causing him to do online schooling in the spring. He wanted to participate in the Limitless Fitness Clinic to learn some new things and get a break from spending so much time at home.

“I really want to do sports, and it’s really boring at home,” Redfern admitted.

He said yoga was his favorite activity, because it simply felt good.

Ashlyn Gahn, 9, also participated in the clinic and was excited to learn new things and test her strength.

“I wanted to get stronger, and I thought this was going to be fun,” Gahn said.

She enjoyed the warm-up the most out of the activities because she got to jog and run, which are some of her favorite things to do.

She believes in the importance of staying fit because one never knows what life may throw at them and to be prepared for anything.

“It’s important so if you have to defend yourself, you’re strong,” she stated.

For more information call Vickie Jackson, Child and Youth Services Sports & Fitness director, at 254-288-3370.