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AUG. 29, 2019

A son, Samuel Aubrey, to Derek and Sarah Bergmann.

SEPT. 12, 2019

A daughter, Grace Robin, to Daniel and Nicole Durtschi, 1st Med. Bde. A daughter, Sloane Kaur, to Jeffery and Vikram McElhaney.

SEPT. 13, 2019

A son, Emery Alexander, to Charles Street and Chandler Hawkins, III Corps. A daughter, Amelia Kate, to Andrew and Kristi Duplessis, 116th MI Bde. A son, Alfonso Cardoza, to Luis and Kristina Montiel, 1st Cav. Div. A son, Krystian Angelo, to Richard McGahen and Jaclyn Zavala, 69th ADA Bde.

SEPT. 14, 2019

A son, Jaime Ascencion, to Jose and Claudia Villarreal, 1st Cav. Div.

SEPT. 17, 2019

A son, Elijah Joseph, to Michael and Caroline Brown, 1st Sig. Bde. A daughter, Eliana Rose, to Stephen Cochlin and Arliana Gonzalez, 504th MI Bde.

SEPT. 18, 2019

A son, Federico Xavier, to Federico Velis and Chelsey Alas, 3rd SFA Bde. A son, Everett Easton, to Vince and Kimberly Scruggs, CRDAMC/ 1st Cav. Div. A son, Hockie Kyenalu, to Berden Joel and Shannon Jim, 1st Med Bde.

SEPT. 19, 2019

A son, Amari Jamel, to Willie and Tonita Dixon, 36th Eng. Bde.