The Fort Hood Spouses’ Club is currently hosting its first ever Flamingo Flocking fundraiser to raise money for grants they distribute annually to nonprofit organizations.

Club members can donate funds to nominate a friend to be “flocked”. Once it’s dark out, “flockers” (other club members) will go to the members house and leave pink flamingos in their yard. In order to have the flock removed, the member has to donate. This style of fundraiser is a tradition among spouses clubs at various military installations, but it’s the first time the flamingoes will be coming to Fort Hood.  

“We have several flocks of flamingos. The club member pays to have our flockers go under the cover of darkness to put the flamingos in a fellow members yard to mingle for 24 hours before we move the flock. The person flocked also has to pay to have the birds removed. It’s great fun for everyone and for a great cause,” Desiree Groen, FHSC president, said.  

Funds raised through the Flamingo Flocking go towards the club’s outreach program, where they will be disbursed in May to various nonprofit organizations.  

“In a nutshell, the outreach program is the collection of funds from our major fundraisers that are dispersed through our grant committee every May. Nonprofits from the surrounding Fort Hood area are able to apply for a grant via our community outreach chair,” Groen said. “So our profit goal was $950 and we are fast approaching that and expecting to surpass it in the next week.”

This week marks the second official week of the Flamingo Flocking fundraiser, and it has been off to a successful start.  

“This is the very first year FHSC has used Flamingo Flocking as a fundraiser.  As it is a baby fundraiser, we set our goal to be realistic and attainable. We now believe we set the bar too low because, after just two weeks, we have already exceeded our own expectations.  I am excited to see what we achieve by the end of the month,” Rebecca DeLoach,  FHSC Flamingo Flocking chair, said.

For DeLoach, the fundraiser has been a way to get to know the Fort Hood community and have some fun, all while supporting a great cause.  

“I just moved here with my family this past August, so Flamingo Flocking has been my way of diving in head first and getting to know the Fort Hood community.  Without a doubt, our volunteer “flockers” have been my favorite part of Flamingo Flocking so far. I have met the most wonderful spouses who have passion for our club and who really understand how fun this fundraiser is meant to be,” DeLoach said. “ So, if you catch us out after dark, in all black – with tutu’s, marabou and eye black on for good measure, please smile with me and know there is joy here in the Fort Hood Spouse’s Club.”

Next up on the Fort Hood Spouses’ Club’s calendar is the 40th Annual Holiday Bazaar, Nov. 13 and 14 at the Killeen Civic & Conference Center. For information on the bazaar or on how to join the spouses club visit