Due to COVID-19, many kids have found themselves with extra downtime and some have taken advantage of that extra time to pick up a new skill or hobby. 

Brothers Chance Ma (12), Breeze Ma (13) and Edge Ma (11 months), sons of Lt. Col. Yat-ho Ma, Dental Company Area Support, and his wife Mei Li, decided to spend their downtime in quarantine creating and maintaining a YouTube channel.

Though making videos and posting them online seems simple there’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes when creating content.

When asked why they wanted to start a YouTube channel, Chance was honest and straight to the point.

“We created this channel due to wanting to learn video making and boredom,” he admitted.

Their channel ‘2 Teens and a little baby’ features educational videos of Chance and Breeze taking care of their infant brother, Edge, which provides an inside look into the bond that these brothers share.

“I hope people learn how to care for their own baby and be entertained,” Chance said of what he hopes viewers gain from their videos.

Just because their videos are educational doesn’t mean they’re not entertaining to watch. Their humor shines through, providing their viewers with a wholesome distraction from everyday stress. They haven’t limited themselves to just childcare videos. They were inspired by the current pandemic to create a mask tutorial video using household items like rubber bands and paper towels.

“The videos are supposed to be about child care, but we added a face mask DIY video due to COVID-19,” Chance said.

They are self-taught and learned about the video editing process by using tutorials on YouTube and experimenting with them throughout their videos.

Chance’s favorite part of video making is seeing the final product after all of their hard work.

Li is happy that her sons have found something creative to do since their normal school schedules have been disrupted and their extracurricular activities canceled.

“My kids need a creative outlet, since school is cancelled and they can’t compete at UIL (University Interscholastic League) choirs or take part in KISD (Killeen Independent School District) summer musicals, so I think the video creation of family friendly content with proper guidance helps their active minds,” Li said.

Li said this is a good way for her sons to see just how much goes into the video making process while learning a new digital skill that could benefit them in the future.

“I love that they are able to learn to the whole video making process on their own and just watching videos,” Li said. “Children this age are learning a lot online, they might as well see how much time is used to make one video.”