KILLEEN — Ware’s Wander Woods is hosting a fall festival throughout the month of October, which includes a haunted trail, hay rides, mazes and other fun activities. Since it’s set out in the middle of the woods, I knew this would be good. Let’s just say, my crew was not disappointed.

Luckily when planning this event, they thought of both small children and adults. The haunted trail tours begin at 3 p.m., so the trail is only mildly scary. When it turns dark outside, that’s when the really scary parts happen. You can also go early and do multiple tours.

I don’t want to give away too many details and ruin your experience, but the haunted trail has a chain bridge, a haunted cemetery, Bigfoot and Michael Myers, among many other things. I would definitely recommend wearing tennis shoes. One, because you’re in the woods and two, because the trail has one steep hill to walk down and a lot of leaves on the ground you could possibly slip on.

The trail itself is an easy walk that is only about half a mile and ends near the entrance, by the replica of Stonehenge. People can admire the monument without taking a trip across the pond to England. The monument also has a little maze for families to walk through to reach the stone in the center.

Little ones can entertain themselves on the maze or a rat race, which was giant pipes you climb inside and race someone to the other side of the field. There is also a playground, which includes a merry-go-round, slides, monkey bars and more.

Hay rides circle the property, leading to a pumpkin slingshot, where you can sling small pumpkins at a target. For animal lovers, there were also deer along the trail. I assume they’re very happy to have fresh pumpkin to munch on, so they stay close.

After enjoying some of the events, they have pumpkins you can decorate and food available for purchase. There’s a campfire going, so you can purchase a hotdog and cook it on the campfire like you probably haven’t done since you were a kid. There’s also some extremely good cake pops for sale. My little partner-in-crime got an Oreo cake pop, which was quickly devoured. I enjoyed an eyeball cake pop. It was very good and the decorations were amazing.

My family very much enjoyed the trip. I also enjoyed meeting a lot of new people, most of whom were staying until after dark to enjoy the scarier haunted trail. It would definitely recommend adding this to your Halloween to-do list. You have two more weekends to enjoy their fall festival and they also have regular tours going on.

This would probably be great for group get-togethers for Halloween. For more information, visit

Ware’s Wander Woods is located at 911 Gann Branch Road in Killeen. If you use Google Maps, it will lead you directly there. It is located on a dirt road, so bring a vehicle you don’t mind getting dirty.