Applied Functional Fitness Center offers Yoga, a meditative work out, in which Soldiers and their families can take part. 

“The course is beginner friendly,” Gabriela Billisits, an Air Force veteran, Army spouse and the current Yoga instructor, said. “As the course goes on, I try to add in more of a dynamic workout, but everyone is definitely welcome to try even if they do not see themselves as what people would think to be flexible.”

Having prior service in the military, Billisits has an understanding of the needs of Soldiers to not only participate in something that can aid in the recovery of their bodies, but to also have something that alleviates stress they may have.

“Yoga helps people become fit in body and mind,” Billisits explained. “It does enough to get your heart rate up, but at the same time allows you to focus in and forget about your worries during your hour in the class. Depending on the needs of the group I can adjust the theme of the class. If I have a group, in need of decompressing, I make sure Yoga is more meditative.”

Billisits feels that Yoga has a stereotype of being a more gentle workout amongst Soldiers, when it is actually an intense workout at times. It can work out areas people never really target.

“I like how Yoga works different muscle groups than my usual workouts,” Whitney Lindsay, class participant, said. “I am a crossfitter and marathon runner, and Yoga helps me heal my muscle related injuries from overuse.”

Not only is Yoga a good pain reliever, it is known to have other health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, creating better sleep patterns and more.

“It even can be used for its spiritual components. Yoga really does offer something for everyone who participates,” Billisits said.

She even offers prenatal classes on Wednesdays at 10 A.M., for Soldiers and spouses that are pregnant and want to stay active and healthy for themselves and their baby.

“Yoga has made me feel a lot more comfortable during my pregnancy,” Spc. Jackie Bender, 1st Cavalry Division, said.

For those that have never participated in a Yoga class, intimidation can settle in and prevent them from wanting to try. Billisits encourages people to give it a shot, because with practice they can eventually become a ‘Yoga Warrior’.

“The more you participate, the more progress you will see in how your body loosens up,” Billisits said. “It starts by getting over the initial fear of getting involved in Yoga. When you attend consistently, you will become great. I recommend people get online and watch videos to get familiar with some Yoga poses to see what it is like, if they feel hesitant to attend.”

Yogs is offered Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 11:45 A.M-12:45 P.M. for three dollars.

For more information, call 254-287-5586.