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THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 2015  07:21:09 PM

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First female Rangers believe experience makes them better leaders in Army
FORT BENNING, Ga. - For the first two women who earned the Ranger tab, attending the Ranger School was all about honing leadership skills and being better leaders for the Army. 1st Lt. Shaye Haver and Capt. Kristen Griest, both graduates of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, were among the 96 Soldiers who graduated Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia, Friday. “I knew how badly I wanted to go (to Ranger School) when I was a second lieutenant, before I became a platoon leader,” Griest said, during an Aug. 20 press conference. “I was hoping to go to this course because it is the best training the Army can provide, and I wanted to have that training before I had a platoon.” Haver, an AH-64 Apache pilot from Copperas Cove, said she wanted to go to Ranger School because she...
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