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THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 2015  09:55:42 PM

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Iraqi Security Forces must lead on defeat of ISIL in Mosul
WASHINGTON - Iraq’s military and Kurdish Peshmerga, after being trained by U.S. military advisers, will be in the lead in what is expected to be a complex and challenging battle to reclaim the country’s second largest city, Mosul, from Islamic State of Iraq and the Lavent, or ISIL, terrorists, who have held it since June, the Army’s chief of staff said, Feb. 25. “One of the lessons I think we should have learned is that it is important to have indigenous capability involved. This is really about their country,” Gen. Ray Odierno told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer as part of a “Future of War” conference here. “It is important for us to assist in any way we can. But I think it’s important that they do this.” As part of Operation Inherent Resolve, several thousand U.S. military advisers are in Iraq tra...
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