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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 2014  03:19:47 PM

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Army resilience shifting to ‘intervention’ model
FALLS CHURCH, Va. - The Army’s Ready and Resilient Campaign is now focusing on “intervention,” not on “bystander” behaviors, Sharyn Saunders, director of the Army’s Ready and Resilient Campaign program, said. She said the change is a “big culture shift” away from just focusing on particular programs and getting PowerPoint presentations or lectures about the need intervene. Now two or even several of the dozens of Ready and Resilient Campaign, known as R2C, programs could be “melded” or used in conjunction with one another to improve the health of entire units, she added. Saunders spoke during the Brain Health Consortium April 10 at the Office of the Army Surgeon General. R2C programs focus on things like substance abuse, emotional health, nutrition, exercise, goal setting and even fina...
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