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SUNDAY, AUGUST 2, 2015  11:21:47 AM

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Carter thanks troops for role in Iraq
WASHINGTON - Defense Secretary Ash Carter met with service members in Baghdad July 23, thanking them for their sacrifices and underscoring the role they play in the fight against Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists. Carter noted that he was in the midst of a weeklong trip in the Middle East region and that he had been meeting with “important people” in several regional capitals. “You’re the most important people to me,” he said, “and I just want you to know that. … You are why I wake up every morning. You’re what I’m thinking about every day. It’s you – you (and) your Families.” The secretary told the service members that he appreciates them serving in Iraq while their Families wait back home. “I don’t take it for granted that it’s uncomfortable here, that you put yourself...
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