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SATURDAY, JULY 4, 2015  10:19:48 AM


Best Warrior Competition
After the command “go,” the competitors have to complete four laps around the Sadowski Field run track located behind the Phantom Warriors Headquarters as the last event of the III Corps Noncommissioned Officer and Soldier of the Year Competition Army Physical Fitness Test, June at Fort Hood. Soldiers from across the III Corps subordinate units in the continental U.S. are vying for the coveted NCO and Soldier of the Year titles to take back to their respected units. (See C1 for more coverage)....
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Phantom Voices

Saturday is the 4th of July. What’s your favorite thing about America?

“The freedom, of course. The freedoms that other countries don’t have.” Staff Sgt. Terrell Isaac, 1st Cav. Div.

“Barbecuing, Family values – it’s different in other countries.” Pvt. William Welsh, 3rd Cav. Regt.

“That we have a big, great Army, and freedom.” Tatyana Reese, 8, civilian

“The opportunity to do whatever you want to do – the sky is the limit.” Capt. Ken. Wilkerson, 4th Sust. Bde.

“Rock and roll, muscle cars and pretty girls." Lt. Col. Leon Hooten, 7238th MSU
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