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MONDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2014  03:06:32 AM


Engineers train with protective equipment
Soldiers from the 36th Engineer Brigade received personal protective equipment training at Fort Hood Oct. 9 as part of their continued preparations for an anticipated deployment to West Africa. The three-day training included donning the white Tyvex jumpsuits, nitrile blue gloves and field protective masks that will serve as barrier protection against Ebola and other contagious pathogens while in Liberia. The brigade’s element makes up 450 of approximately 500 Fort Hood Soldiers preparing to deploy to West Africa in support of Operation United Assistance. During the deployment, the brigade headquarters will provide mission oversight of the joint engineer forces in Liberia, and the subordinate units will be primarily focused on construction of life-support areas for U.S. troops and Ebo...
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“I’m watching the Walking Dead.” Capt. Jamale Ellison, 69th ADA Bde.

“I will be watching Homeland, and I’m going to start (Tuesday).” Capt. Partson Maradzika, 3rd Cav. Regt.

“We’ve been watching football, and that’s what we’ll keep watching when it’s on; Mondays and Sundays.” Denise Floyd, civilian

“I keep it old-school; I watch sports, the news, and more sports – mostly football right now. ESPN, Channel 6, the Travel Channel and the Discovery Channel are what I keep to.” Billy McGowan, retired

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