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SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2014  07:07:36 AM


Phantom Warriror week. Winners announced today
Phantom Warrior Week kicked off Monday as part of a postwide competition among Fort Hood units, designed to build unit cohesion and esprit de corps. The week began with a three-mile post run followed by team competitions in nine different events. Events included an obstacle course run, soccer, racquetball, volleyball, marksmanship, basketball, combatives, flag football and softball. The event runs through today and culminates with the presentation of the Commander’s Cup – a trophy given to the unit with the best overall competition score. Trophies were also given for each event. Following the awards presentation, a cake cutting commemorating Fort Hood’s 72nd birthday will take place today at 10:30 a.m. in the west atrium of the III Corps and Fort Hood Headquarters. Full coverage will...
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September is National Preparedness Month. How well-prepared are you and your family for an emergency or national disaster?

“Not as prepared as we should be, but it’s very important because times are always changing.” Bert Meza, retired

“We’re pretty well-prepared. We keep batteries, flashlights, water, generators and other things on hand and everyone knows where they are in case something happens.” Lt. Col. James Ward, 1st Inf. Div.

“It’s something everyone needs to think about, it’s important. We always keep extra groceries and canned goods around in our home, but we could do more.” Glenda Miller, civilian

“We try to stay stocked on canned goods and water.” Stacy Sanchez, civilian

“Honestly, not as prepared as we probably should be. But it’s really important and it’s scary when I start thinking about it.” Brittany Hopper, civilian
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