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SATURDAY, MARCH 28, 2015  07:15:34 AM


Rugged Brigade returns home
The Families and friends of the 36th Engineer “Rugged” Brigade welcomed 63 Soldiers back from Liberia Monday morning during the unit’s uncasing ceremony in Starker Functional Fitness Center. The unit deployed about 450 Soldiers in support of the humanitarian mission in West Africa around November 3, 2014, building hospitals, Ebola treatment facilities and life support units in support of Operation United Assistance. While the Soldiers only just returned to their Families Monday, the Rugged Soldiers actually redeployed to Fort Hood on March 2, but have been at the controlled monitoring area at North Fort Hood for a 21-day observation period to ensure no one came down with any signs of the infection. This precaution, while responsible, wasn’t something any of the deploying Soldiers were w...
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