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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 5, 2015  05:24:59 AM


ACS celebrates 50 years of service
Fort Hood and surrounding community leaders celebrated the 50th anniversary of Army Community Service with a reunion, history lesson and cake cutting at Club Hood Friday. On July 25, 1965, the ACS program was established. The program offers real-life solutions to Soldiers and their Families dealing with a variety of issues. For 50 years, ACS has helped ease common issues like permanent change of station or deployment stresses, and more personal problems like financial or dependency issues. ACS equips volunteers and staff members around the globe with the skills and education they need to face the challenges of military life, and has been for half a century. During the celebration Friday afternoon, former ACS directors shared messages of love and gratitude for service members and their Fa...
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Phantom Voices

August is Anti-Terrorism Month. How safe do you feel at Fort Hood, and why?

“Pretty safe. I was a little apprehensive coming here from Hawaii, but security is pretty great.” Staff Sgt. Chris McGlone, 1st Cav. Div.

“Safe, having local units man the gates, they actually know what to look for.” Staff Sgt. Alfredo Guerrero, 3rd Cav. Regt.

“I feel safe because they take the necessary procedures to make sure whoever comes on post is authorized.” Allen Edwards, retired

“Very safe. It’s a matter of odds.” Sam Kelley, retired

“I feel just as safe here as anywhere else.” John Schultz, retired
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