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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 2015  09:22:43 PM


CSA: Army taking ‘hard look’ at Daesh
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is more than a large, capable terrorist organization and the Army is adjusting tactics in order to defeat them, said the Army Chief of Staff during a visit to Fort Hood Monday. Gen. Mark Milley said the Army began weeks ago to re-evaluate the “ways and means” of the president’s strategy of destroying the terror group. In the wake of the recent bombings in Paris and Beirut, Milley acknowledged that Army planners are taking a “hard look” at additional tactical changes. “There’s no question in my mind that Daesh, as we call them, are a serious threat to U.S. national security interests,” he said, using the preferred acronym of the group’s Arabic name. “The president has said it repeatedly, that the United States is committed to destroying (Daesh).” Descr...
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