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1st Sgt. Charles Oroke recognized Spc. Nathanael Thompson, infantryman from Pierre, South Dakota, and a trooper in 3rd Sqdn., 3rd Cav. Regt. who witnessed a vehicle accident Sept. 6 in Killeen and quickly provided care to the multiple people who were injured.

Sept. 6 was just an ordinary day for 3rd Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment trooper Spc. Nathanael Thompson, until it was not.

Thompson, an infantryman  from Pierre, South Dakota, witnessed a vehicle accident at Fort Hood Street and Business 190 in Killeen. Right away, he knew he had to help.

Thompson approached the vehicle and started assessing injuries. After he evaluated that multiple passengers were injured, he proceeded to have someone call 911 and began to treat wounds. Thompson treated two passengers who were hemorrhaging blood from the head and arm and treated one passenger for shock while collecting objects that could be used as medical supplies to help treat the passengers.

“As I evaluated the passengers, I started asking for stuff I could use to stop the bleeding,” Thompson, who has served in the Army for two years and the last year and a half with the Brave Rifles, said.

He also extricated one passenger to check for injuries and bleeding thoroughly.

“I just needed to stay with the passengers to make sure they were still OK,” Thompson said.

Once emergency medical personnel and law enforcement arrived, he briefed them on what had occurred. Later that week, while conducting field training, Thompson’s command team held a ceremony to recognize him and his actions.

“I’m proud to serve with Soldiers like you,” Thompson’s 1st Sgt. Charles Oroke, from Thunder Squadron, said.