Staff Sgt. Jamie Moyer, career counselor for the Regimental Support Squadron, 3rd Cavalry Regiment, put Soldiers first and achieved all 2020 squadron retention goals. He was recognized during an awards presentation, Jan. 8, at Fort Hood.

There are two retention awards given each year. The first squadron that meets all five mission categories throughout the year receives the Early Bird Award and the unit with the highest retention rate of the year receives the Top Unit Retention Award. Moyer and Muleskinner Squadron achieved both of these retention goals.

“It was extremely hard coming into the cavalry and getting this. I came into the mission with doubt and how hard is this going to be. I wondered how I am going to be part of the team,” Moyer, who has only been a career counselor for one and a half years said.  “How I looked at it is if we care for the Soldiers first, the mission will make itself, and it feels like that held true and helped us to overproduce as a squadron, which then allowed the Regiment to close their mission. ”

This assignment was Moyer’s first assignment as a career counselor, and he was also awarded the Army Commendation Medal for his efforts.

“2020 was a very difficult year, and Muleskinner was the only unit in 3rd CR to meet all requirements, and that speaks volumes of Staff Sgt. Moyer,” Master Sgt. Kelsey Rasmussen, 3rd Cav. Regt. senior career counselor, said. “I am constantly monitoring the subordinate squadrons to see who is meeting mission requirements, and this was a tough mission.”

Moyer said that every single 3rd Cav. Regt. counselor assisted him in some way, shape and form, and he thanked all the commanders for supporting him. He also offered a few thoughts that he carries with him wherever he goes.

“First, nothing easy is ever worth anything in the long run. I remember that when I want to quit or throw in the towel. Second, if you don’t learn how to commit yourself to the organization and your leaders, you will never get as far as you could. Being compliant will only get you so far in the Army, in life, and a relationship,” Moyer said. “Thirdly, no one can make you an asset except for you. If you want to be looked at as an asset and have peers that look to you for assistance and believe in you, you have to show them that you are worth that effort.”

Lt. Col. Danilo Green, Muleskinner commander, complimented the entire 3rd Cav. Regt. retention team on their efforts.

“I saw you all helping our troopers, and I recognize that. The numbers were daunting, but when we looked at the numbers and the mission we had to meet our first principal was retaining quality troopers and helping them meet the goals that they have set for themselves,” he said. “Because our commanders and first sergeants, platoon leaders and platoon sergeants and squad leaders knew their troopers, they were able to ask questions about what they wanted upfront. By knowing what the troopers wanted to do next, and providing this information to the career counselors, they were able to help the troopers meet their expectations.”