An entire year’s supply of pure-cane sugar Dr Pepper was delivered to a Soldier and his spouse straight to their home on post May 30.

Kathryn Robles was the 2 millionth visitor to the Dr Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute in Waco May 11 – the same day it opened 28 years ago, May 11, 1991.

In attendance with her when she won was her immediate Family, including husband Sgt. 1st Class Ricardo Robles with the 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, and their three children, Joshua, Samuel and Seth Hewitt.

“Dr Pepper has always been a favorite in our Family,” Kathryn said. “When Coca-Cola products fail, Dr Pepper is always there. Its unique flavor never disappoints.”

Both spouses expressed the supply was far larger in person than they had been imagining during their wait. One representative pointed out it was rare to find the pure-cane sugar variety in stores.

“Those are the special, pure-cane sugar ones. High octane, so you better be careful,” he joked.

Kathryn jokingly responded she was going to make her own throne out of it.

“We’ve already made it clear to all the kids that they’re not allowed to touch it,” Kathryn said. “But if they’re good ... we might let them sell it for 50 cents at their lemonade stand though ... you know, if they’re good.”

With so many cans to go through, the employees offered some possible tips to mix things up – all non-alcoholic, though they mentioned you would be surprised what you can find on Pinterest.

Fitting the load of cases inside the home proved to be the most difficult part of all, however all the team members and Ricardo chipped in to get them inside on the ground floor.

“As for where they’re all gonna get fit from there, I have no idea. I might have to end up re-gifting some for birthdays, or something!,” Kathryn said.

Especially entertaining for the Robles Family was a recording of their whole Family’s reaction, posted as a gif to the Dr Pepper Museum Instagram.

The Dr Pepper was provided courtesy of Keurig Dr Pepper of Waco, and delivered by Keurig Dr Pepper employees and staff from the Dr Pepper museum.

“The board and staff of the Dr Pepper Museum & Free Enterprise Institute are thrilled to welcome Kathryn Robles and her whole Family as our 2 millionth visitor! We want to thank our partners Dr Pepper of Waco for providing the year’s supply of Dr Pepper, and we look forward to receiving our 3 millionth guest soon,” the museum stated in a release.

On the same day the Robles Family visited, over 1,300 other visitors attended for their “Most Original Birthday Party Ever.” They intend to throw a similar birthday party next year.

“I’ve never won anything so this was just really exciting for me and my Family,” Kathryn said.