The line of people waiting to receive the vaccine wrapped from the main entrance of Abrams Physical Fitness Center around to the back of the building, Monday, as Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center began distributing the Pfizer vaccine at Abrams Physical Fitness Center in the early hours of the morning.

Abrams is the first of several different venues that will become COVID-19 vaccine distribution locations. The Shoemaker Center and the New Equipment Fielding Facility on Clarke Road will also become vaccination centers. Maj. Lance Freeman, Abrams PFC vaccination site officer-in-charge, explained that Abrams was chosen because it has space to safely allow for more people to come through and receive vaccinations at one time.

“A hospital is preferable, but we don’t have a hospital that size,” Freeman said. “In order to get the amount of people we need to get through in a timely manner, that’s why we chose this site.”

Tashana Morgan and her daughters Kaylah and Kylah were at Abrams first thing Monday morning to receive the vaccine. They are high risk and have been waiting to receive the vaccine for a while. Morgan was relieved that she and her daughters would be receiving the vaccine sooner than she thought.

“I have been on some waiting lists. We have attempted to get the vaccine; we were waiting on information to make sure that me and my daughters fit the criteria. We were happy to see that Fort Hood was giving the vaccine to those who have been waiting for a while,” she said.

Receiving that vaccine gives her and her family peace, knowing that they are doing what they can to protect themselves and others around them.

“Trying to return to some sort of normalcy,” she explained. “I trust the system. I trust the recommendation by the CDC. I trust Fort Hood to keep its community safe and we believe we are doing what is best, not only for us, but for the community at large.”

Vaccinations will no longer be available at CRDAMC. Currently at Abrams, vaccines will only be given to patients who fall into phases 1A, 1B or 1C.

Phase 1A includes emergency room and urgent care personnel and first responders, health care and support personnel at military hospitals and clinics, and outpatient health care support personnel, including National Guard and Reserve personnel and deploying or supporting COVID-19 response operations.

Phase 1B includes beneficiaries age 75 and older, front line essential workers, personnel preparing to deploy within the next three months, and personnel preparing to deploy outside the continental U.S. and national critical capabilities.

Phase 1C includes eligible beneficiaries ages 65-74 years of age, eligible beneficiaries ages 16-64 with increased risk for severe illness as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and others as allocated by the Office of the Secretary of Defense agencies, field activities, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Space Force, U.S. Coastguard, and Reserve component, designated as key, essential or mission essential.

Abrams will be open to patients that qualify for the vaccine from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Those that received their first dose of the vaccine must remember to come back after 21 days and receive the second dose. For more information and to keep updated on when the other facilities open up, visit CRDAMC’s Facebook page at

For a list of health conditions that would cause a person to be high risk visit the CDC website at